Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thrall is a Noob

When you can outrace someone's mount in travel form, they are a noob.

When someone is a shaman but only equips leather, and leather whites or grays at that, they are a noob.

When someone does not wait between pulls for the healer's mana, they are a noob.

When someone face-pulls every group, they are a noob.


You are a noob.



sonvar said...

Just makes you wonder how he survived to become leader of the orcs. And how many have to restrain him from heading to Outlands.

Ratshag said...

You don't know the half of it Bell. When yer Horde, not only do you put up with his noobishness, bust him out of prison, take him inta town so he can get laid, and kill the evil dragons what been harassing him, but then later you track down his missing grandmother and show him where she be hanging out.

And then the next day ya go to Org and say "Yo Thrall, man, was happy to help you out and all, but I think I's entitled to a little sumthin' fer me efforts. Not much, just maybe coupla epics outta yer personal stash?"

And what do he say?

"Welcome to Orgrimmar, have you come to serve the Horde?"

Bell said...

@sonvar- he actually comes to Nagrand now and again. There's a huge announcement.

@ratshag- get laid?! That's his adopted sister! D:

Softi said...

I so lol'd ;)

nuetralise said...

hahaha I hated that the first time I did that instance ..

sonvar said...

I know he comes out to Nagrand it just surprises me though that he doesn't go after every mob on the way leading up to the Horde town in the area. Though he does have others escorting him most likely to restrain him.

Ratshag said...

@Bell - all I knows is, wowwiki says she's his "close personal friend". That, and I had to take him to meet her in a hotel room fer a few minutes, while we all stood around waiting fer the dragons ta show up.

Either way, the bugger still acts like he don't know me when I stops by fer a visit.

Bell said...

@ratshag- if you remember, at the end of the instance, the dragon-high-elf guy wipes his memory. Otherwise I'd be able to waltz into Orgrimmar and be like "Hey, Thrall, remember me?"

I dunno about Taretha, but I know she's older than him. She was the one who figured out what he needed to be fed as a baby orc and practically raised him. Weiiiird stuff you orcs are into.

Anonymous said...



Diwrnach said...

Thrall is not yet a shaman. In fact in Durnholde he has yet to meet any other orcs. He is exactly what you'd expect from being raised by humans. Now once he met the Frostwolf clan and was trained by Drek'thar he became on heck of a shaman as well as a leader.