Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Taking One For the Team

I know a lot of my fellow bloggers and blog-readers and web-surfers and WoW-players avoid the official WoW forums like the plague. And truly, it is a terrifying place. There are keyloggers and trolls and jerks, oh my. But in between all of that, if you can stand to look for it, are gems of threads, whether they go into theorycrafting or are just plain fun. And since I regularly chill in the druid forums out of some vague hope (or just simply masochism), I thought I would share my findings with all of you, so you don't have to wade through the muck to get there.

Let me warn you, though, do not click on any links unless you are ABSOLUTELY SURE it is a safe link. The keyloggers are getting craftier, and I don't want anyone's account hacked. These links I'm posting here sometimes contain randomly placed keyloggers, but Blizz generally grabs them in a few hours. Just, please, be careful.

Best Topping For Waffles
I'll start off with a silly, not-really-druid-related post about waffles. Druids on the forums developed the waffle post to try and dissuade trolls, but this one is just for waffles and what tastes good on them. Apparantly, blackberry sauce or mage tears.

Most Stupid Things Said to a Druid
Another fun thread, this is full of hilarious anecdotes involving stupidity, oversights and just plain ignorance of the druid class. Read if you want to feel smart about yourself, or if you want to feel like you're not alone in the mistakes you've made.

My Boomkin :) 1221 spell dmg unbuffed :)
Despite the title, this is not an epeen thread. It is full of helpful suggestions for improving moonkin gear, as well as some inight into crit and hit. Some of the language is a bit rough, as is found often in the forums, but the ideas behind the words are worth looking into.

To Be a Tree: Evolution of Healing
This is a long thread full of tips and tricks of the trade, theorycrafting, explanations, and overall advice on how to heal as a restoration druid.

Viability of a Druid Tank on Illidan?
This thread explores the question of whether or not a druid with a full set of avoidance gear can tank Illidan or whether it's Warrior or nothing. There's some rough language and a bit of yelling, but it gives a unique perspective of the Illidan fight and stretches the boundaries of what is and is not possible.

To all Druids: Thank you.
This is a very old and oft-bumped thread, written by a shaman. If you read nothing else on the forums, you should read the original post in this thread, especially if you're having a bad day. Torkhal, thank you, too.

That's all for now. I hope I found you some fun reading, and please, only feed the trolls waffles.


Ratshag said...

Enjoyed the "Stupid Things Said..." board. "Dude, Balance means you can tank and heal both, right?" ROFL

Alyse said...

I honestly believe you've inspired me to make a priest blog. Maybe when summer starts :!

Bell said...

@ratshag- that's my favorite thread, too.

@alyse- WIN!