Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Breaking News

Bellwether is guildless.

The facts:
  • There is no drama. It was simply a difference in goals. There was no interpersonal drama, there was no in-fighting or hurt feelings.
  • If you think you know a hidden reason why I left, or are suspicious, you're wrong.
  • I am not looking for another guild at this time. I've had the same summer job since Junior year of High School, but this summer it no longer has any hours. This means I cannot responsibly commit to any schedule at all until I know what my employment situation this summer will be.
  • This is a weird thing for me. I have never not had a guild on Bell. I have never not been an officer. I am a noob all over again.
  • I hold no ill feelings towards anyone in my old guild, because there is nothing to hold against them. Like I said before, it wasn't a real problem, just a difference in goals and attitude, and I did what I had to do to find more joy in the game.
  • School is eating my face right now, so I will probably not log in much on Bell except to fish a bit and work on my First Aid skill, maybe run an instance if I have the time.
  • This has nothing to do with my previous post. This is something I've been deciding for a while. Like, a week or so.

Thank you everyone. For now, Bell is going it "solo." I'm still keeping in contact with a lot of my old guildmates, and I'm not quitting WoW. I'm definitely not quitting the blogging thing. I've just needed a change of pace.


Ratshag said...

Gots to do what you gots to do.

Sorries school be eatin' yer face; eat it back is the only advice I can come up with, which ain't much help. Wishes Bell the best of lucks, wherever her road takes her.

Khol Drake said...

I feel ya. I had to do the same with my old guild. They were going one way, I was going another and that was all good. I still keep in contact with them and troll their forums and all. Going it solo for a while is kind of cool, but if can make you miss gchat.

Dave said...

I'd be guildless except for the bombardment of lowbie guilds inviting me and the stigma of being a bad player or ninja if you're not in one. Oh well, time to create your own guild!

Anonymous said...

All the players I currently play are guildless. The only true annoyance is that every time I'm in a capital city, a charter pops up. They don't even bother asking anymore. Lone druid - oh, she must want to be in our guild! heh

RL always comes first though :)

erumel said...

A change of pace is needed sometimes. Good luck with everything!

Cassieann said...

Glad you were able to make the decision that made the most sense for where you're at now. I know a bit about how hard that decision is to make and have watched Bear deal with it too.

That will just give you more time to play with us, right? :-)

Bell said...

@everyone- thanks for your support, I really appreciate it. And Cassie, I may or may not be around more often. It depends if school kills me. Or my soul.

breana said...

Good for you. It is hard to make changes even if they are for the better. Good luck with school and work! May you catch many a golden darter!

Softi said...

Hope everything goes ok for ya at school hun, not too long til the summer holidays now eh?

I had to do the same a couple of months ago too, sometimes there jsut isn't any other way. I wish I was on US servers (and time!) to be able to come bug ya sometime :P

Kestra said...

To echo everyone else, good luck with whatever your next moves are Bell, I wish you all the best.

BigBearButt said...

You know, whether you're in a guild or not... you will always be surrounded by friends, Bell.

Although some of them may be farther away than others.

Depends on the terms of the restraining order.

Anthony said...

BLAR!!! /gquit

Bell said...

@anthony- shush, clabik. you know I still love j00.

@Bear- there is no restraining my love, you know that.

@everyone- you're all too nice to me :)