Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool's!

Now, I know it's the day after, but I did pull a little trick on my guild yesterday. I just got the transcription on the event in screenshots from a fellow officer (in on the trick, as all of them were), but they're a little small. Therefore, under each picture I'll give a little recap of what happened!


Here's where it all begins. A confederate starts out saying some negative things about me in guild chat, and I get "all huffy" because I'm online. It's nice to see lots of people defend you, no? Which made it harder to be a b*tch in the end, but it also helps make the prank more believable. Grats to my confederate on his Nightmare Vine being sold.


Now, someone not in the know jumps into the fray trying to get us to act like adults. Normally, I wouldn't even bring this into guild chat, but in order for this to work I have to. So we basically ignore her and you see in my last line an inkling of what's about to happen next.


Most of the guild at this point is in stunned silence. Almost everyone in chat is a confederate of mine, except for the girl flipping her lid. She sent me a tell, too, but I asked her to wait "just a sec" and then I'd talk to her about it. Oh yeah. I ninja'd the guild bank too.


Here my confederates badmouth me behind my back. Awesome!


Onoes, our resident 10-year-old logged in. Hope she has her profanity filters on >.<


Plans to drown their sorrows are made while I ask to get reinvited back into the guild. Otherwise, my confederates have been having fun escalating things with each other.


And I'm back! Much rejoicing is had, and everyone goes "omg, nowai, i totally knew it!" And everything is hunky-dory again, and we all love each other, and I go back to doing my homework.

Happy April Fool's, everyone.


Softi said...

Absolutely hilarious!!! I wish I was in your guild just so I could ahve seen that, hell i'd have stayed up all night just to see it regardless of the time difference!

teh Khol Abides said...

Fake guild drama ftw!

Anonymous said...



Ratshag said...

sneaky, sneaky Bell. devious. low. dishonest.

I loves it