Saturday, April 12, 2008

LF Language Help

Hi everyone! This is Bell, once more asking for your help.

You see, a little while ago, we got a very nice, very helpful and skilled Holy Paladin. He's been doing great with us so far except for one little problem.

...He only speaks a little English. He mostly speaks Spanish. Now, I took German in high school and remember little of it, and now I'm stumbling through Japanese, and I cannot with my school load begin working through the mechanics of a new language. We have a few members who can speak broken Spanish, and one who can speak very good Spanish but is not on that often, and I don't want to keep bugging him. Right now we've been able to communicate brokenly through Babel Fish and some English, but it can cause problems in more complicated boss fights, even if we just want to tell him not to run through the beams in Netherspite.

So, what I am asking is, does anyone know any sites with boss fight strats in Spanish? Or would someone be interested in making one? Or even just working with me to help me come up with some simple boss strats for Kara, ZA, and so on? I know it's a lot of work and I'll find some way to make it worth your while.

Thank you, everyone. I just want to make our pally feel included and keep him from feeling bad about doing something wrong because he doesn't understand.


Alyse said...

I found this :

Not sure if it'll work on US servers, but the link from the forum I found it on said it might. Anyways I think it's worth a shot to see if this works

Bell said...

@alyse- won't that just convert my game into spanish, not my words?

Alyse said...

I don't know. This was the only thing I found. I haven't found any addons or interface options, I've been looking for a while now. It relly is a problem because he moved during FLamewreath a couple times, wiping the raid . But at the same time, I know it's frusterating to him. I was thinking of typing out the summaries for the bosses and using a translating site then posting them on forums. That's my idea right now :(

Kestra said...

I'm afraid I cant help, but I felt compelled to post a comment to say I admire your efforts to try and go "above and beyond the call of duty" to help this Paladin settle and feel at home by trying to sort strats out in spanish, the game could do with alot more people like you,


Pummra said...


I thought perhaps had many of its guides in languages other than English. I can't look right now as I'm at work, but you might want to check it out.

sonvar said...

This seems promising to me. If I knew spanish it might help me to tell for certain as I can't tell if it touches on raids.

Csilla said...

Bell, you MIGHT have some luck on WoWWiki. Since it is fan-based, some dedicated individuals have taken the time and effort to make translations on a number of articles. I'm not sure how many are in Spanish, but I did stumble across quite a few in French a while back while doing some work on the site.

The same goes for Bosskillers; some people have submitted translations for a number of guides in non-English languages (for example, I see that the Attumen has a Russian guide), but it's only there if someone has taken the time and effort to get that done.

You're making a lot of effort to help him, but have you considered just posting a link to a page with the strategy and asking him to look at it? AltaVista has the ability to translate a page; while it might not be entirely accurate it would help somewhat rather than having people bumble around with the lanuage and maybe confuse your paladin friend more.

Without having someone capable of translating for both parties, it's the best you can do. A quick perusal of Google during my lunch did snag this Spanish guide on Attumen. Looks like he has some other guides on Karazhan as well. I'm no native speaker, but a quick look seems pretty accurate to me.

A quick tip: if you Google stuff make sure that you search in the language you want the results for and not your native language; unless you specify to search for non-English options you'll end up primarily with English results. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

One of these Spanish language WoW blogs might help, even if just by pointing him toward other resources:

Manco se nace


(I know these because I've been linked by them, but my Spanish isn't good enough to say anything about the content.) :)