Monday, April 14, 2008

Ninja My Own Boglords...?

Let me set the scene.

I'm farming away on some Boglords, trying to get myself some Primal Lives for my healing enchant on my staff. A warrior is AoE killing boglords left and right, which is awesome. I toss him a heal and help him bring them down. Surprise, he is not an Herbalist! I am. So, I herb the corpses and begin following him around. We stay ungrouped so he can loot and I can herb.

We get to talking, and it seems he's farming Primal Lives so that his guild can get Nature Resist gear. He normally only PvP's, but he wants to help his friends out. I think that's pretty nice of him, especially since he can't herb, so I sell him the ones I picked up at a discount. I'm going to be really busy this week and can't raid at the moment anyway, so I'm not hurting my guild by not being enchanted yet.

Well, anyway, we're doing this for fifteen minutes, maybe twenty, when he pulls another AoE mob group. No big, I help him burn them down. After they're all down, a paladin runs into the center of the corpses and /says to me, "You better not herb my corpses, Bell." Now, I used proper sentence structure and grammar, but you get the gist. I checked; He's not in the warrior's guild, and the warrior said nothing to me about bringing a friend. Since he's been cordial and polite and friendly this entire time, as have I, I assume he would have told me if he'd brought in a friend to herb. So, I ignore him and start herbing.

The paladin sends me a tell, then. Apparantly, if I take "his" bog lord corpses again, I'll be reported. I explain to him that the warrior and I have been working together to do this, so there is nothing to report. I am told to "shut my mouth." I ignore him, and go on my merry way continuing what I have been doing and hear nothing else from the paladin.

I never received any GM notice or warning, so I can only assume the guy was blowing hot air. Still, I can't believe someone had the audacity to assume I wasn't working with the warrior and was just stealing corpses when I had helped him kill the mobs and had been healing and buffing him.

Say hello to the world, asshat.



Caleb said...

He was probably just trying to scare you off so that he could herb them. If you hadn't been working with the warrior you might have believed that the pally was.

Idiots and jerks...

sonvar said...

Besides how would he validate that he was working with the warrior to a GM anyways?

And along with that if those corpses are just sitting there its the same as people leaving mobs around that can be skinned but don't because they don't have skinning or bag room. Its free game to those who can.

Bell said...

Yeah, I'm not saying he was a smart asshat. But one nonetheless.

I've been talking to several guildies and former-guildies, and apparantly this guy is on ignore lists and blacklists. Good times, what a jerk.

Anonymous said...

ANyone with the name "AndyP" has to be a kid lol

Matticus said...

What a scrub. I didn't know herbing other peoples stuff was considered an offense.

Breana said...

Morons...unfortunately, they breed and screw with you day.

Kestrel said...

Even if you HAD been herbing his kills (which you can't do anyway) or otherwise "griefing" him -- i.e., "stealing" kills -- if he reported it, the GM would merely point him to the part on the Ticket page that says such actions are not something Blizzard cares about.

He's an asshat, purely and simply.

Softi said...

Some people are idiots or, as we call them in Scotland, Eejits. Well, that's what I call them anyway ;)

Ratshag said...

Hello AndyP. Welcomes to me list of scorn and contempt.

I sees buggers say "I'm gonna report you!" all the time. Is usually code fer "I think I's the center of the universe, and you is a sinner for not worshipping me glorious self." /shrug

Likes the "tree in the transporter" sidebar pic, btw

Bell said...

Thanks everyone for supporting my rant on this singular person. :P

Once the person who has killed the bog lord has looted it, anyone may herb it. When the paladin went into the group of bog lords and began herbing, I made no protest, even though I had helped kill them and he had not. It was fair game; there was nothing I could do to stop him. Had he been Horde, however, the smackdown would have been imminent. :P

Thanks Ratshag for the compliment on the pic ^^ I made my whole group stop in heroic Blood Furnace so I could get a couple pictures ^^

Andy C. said...

What an asshat, indeed. Just to think what a difference one letter can be.

nuetralise said...

aww poor Bell,

I had a similar problem farming those recently..

*wishes he could attack the same faction*

BigBearButt said...

I too love the picture in the transporter. Very cool.

Kinda looks like some poor tree is about to be the unsuspecting target of a nefarious experiment.

I bet it's the first phase of testing the 'whomp on asshats from own faction' tree upgrade.