Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Joy! Sparkles! Rainbows!

Laser Chicken is back!

I'm glad he's feeling better about everything and has a wonderful person to share life with.


Anonymous said...

Well now I have to add you to the blogroll :P


Bell said...

lies and deceit! You don't have to do anything :P

Besides, I need a little pic for your blog, which I will work on once my thesis paper stops eating my face ^^;

Anonymous said...

Eesh. I remember face-eating theses. Not fun. Not fun at allll.

Pike said...

So happy for them <3

Anonymous said...

Hmm how about I send you a picture of our bears? They rock! hehe

Bell said...

That would work! :D

sonvar said...

Gratz to finding someone you can enjoy being with in and out of the game.

Wish I had someone who played WoW too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sonvar :)


Bell, remind me to send you a picture! I'll get one of 'em outside...where its more sunny. My post for later today will have a couple pics...but they're from BFD and it's dark.