Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I remember when I relied on little exclamation points in squares at the bottom of the screen to tell me how to play.
Now I surf the internet to read the latest theorycrafting news.

I remember when I was still getting used to the controls and fell off a tree and died because I had trouble turning.
Now I can kite rogues while taking jump-shots with moonfire.

I remember when I was never able to find the entrance to Stormwind no matter how many times I’d gone through it, so I would run up to the gryphon master, jump into the water, and swim to the ramp.
Now I only do that because it’s funny.

I remember when I waited until level 22 to get my aquatic form because I was afraid of the threshers and had trouble with the swimming controls.
Now I have actively hunted and killed all but two of the elite sharks in Azeroth. Still need to kill Maws.

I remember when I didn’t quite grasp the concept of how badly those spiders in that cave in Shadowglen wanted to kill me.
Now I can generally judge how close I can get to a mob of almost any level.

I remember when the Greenwarden in Wetlands looked HUGE.
Boglords have ruined him for me.

I remember when I did Maraudon for the first time. It took three nights before we figured it out. None of us knew about Rotgrip. He scared us to death because he was practically invisible in that funky water.
Now I check WoWwiki and WoWhead before I do instances to know what I’m up against.

I remember when the Den Mother was an exciting kill.
Now I’m rejoicing over a one-shot of Nightbane.

I remember having bad dreams involving red tags and contested zones.
Now I run my little alts through Horde territory with impunity, daring the enemy to start something.

I remember when I made 10 different kinds of potions and elixirs for each person in instance runs like SM and ST.
Now I only make a few, and they’re for raids or heroics only.

I remember my first step into a BG, how confusing and scary it was.
Now I’m working on completing a full PvP set. S3 pants next, hopefully.

I remember when grinding enough gold for a regular mount in three days was a feat of epic proportions.
Now I get that much gold from a few dailies.

I remember when I knew nothing about my character, when I made guesses and routinely screwed up and messed up.
Now I write a blog that offers advice to help others learn how to play the druid class.

I remember when I was completely fresh and new to the game.
Now, though I wouldn’t give up the experiences I’ve been through and the skill I have gained, sometimes I miss what I remember.

I remember my first VC run and how confused I was, and how epic Mr. Smite sounded.
I remember the first time I tried to get my bear form and how intimidating the bear spirit seemed.
I remember my vendetta against one certain level 13 moonkin in Darkshore which would not stop killing me.
I remember killing a warlock six or so levels higher than me after being ganked in STV.
I remember my first time in Gurubashi.
I remember my first trip through the Barrens to get to Thousand Needles and pick up ice cream.
I remember when a single gold coin was epic wealth.
I remember my first non-combat pet, a white kitten.
I remember buying all whites from a vendor because it was better armor.
I remember my first green came from VC.
I remember equipping anything leather and not caring about the stats, and then later hoarding anything with agility on it.
I remember not understanding why it was odd to the rest of WoW that my group had actually suggested for me to spec feral and dps as a cat during instances.

What do you remember?


Khol Drake said...

I remember when I strode across Azeroth like unto a god, untouchable and able to kill virtually anything that I came across.
Now, I slink through the shadows and hope mobs don't see through my stealth.

I remember going into Mauradon for the first time and seeing the princess and thinking, "My god, what is that THING?"

I remember the sheer joy of using cheap shot for the first time and dropping mobs before the stun wore off.

I remember Mr. Smite scaring the crap out of me when he spoke for the first time.
Now, I'm disappointed when bosses don't have a full palette of voice acting.

I remember wiping my group in SFK when I got changed into a worgen. Ah, good times.

I remember my first MC run and listening to what my guildies told me and jumping into the window behind Golemagg. /facepalm

Remember wearing that damn Shadowcraft chest piece for over a year because I couldn't get the Nightslayer or Bloodfang one to drop.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can remember at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I remember my first, exciting step through the Dark Portal. Now I'm hearthed to Shatt and bummed if my hearth is down when I'm in Azeroth.

I remember grouping with a warrior in Darkshore who asked if I was new and took a moment to explain about "threat".

I remember how surprised I was when I got past the wolves in Elwynn and suddenly things were running up and trying to kill me.

I remember my surprise when I hit an elite in an instance the first time and it's health bar barely moved.

I remember getting cat form and suddenly being able to kill nonstop. Now I'm resto and can't kill much of anything. LOL!

Caleb said...

Actively hunting named elite sharks, now that is a meta game i did not know existed. cool :)

Come to think of it, there is one of those sharks off the coast of darkshore I would love to pay a visit to now.

Ratshag said...

I remembers when Razor Hill were the Big City.

I remembers dying over and over trying to do a level 9 quest, when I were level 6 and all me gear were broken.

I remembers how excited I were to finally kill Serena Bloodfeather, the harpy leader in the Barrens.

I remembers just sitting on the ground waiting to heal, 'cause I hadn't learned first aid or cooking. Or eating.

I remembers not realizing that not every town on me map is a friendly haven. Them guards in Aastranaaar done explained that one to me.

I remembers the first friend I made through me blogging. <3 Kat

I remembers not knowing what "elite" or "instance" meant, and not understanding why I couldn't kill the level 15 raptors outside of WC.

I remembers not realizing that "don't touch the eggs" in UBRS also meant "don't step on them neithers, ya dumb orc".

I remembers deliberately drowning in Booty Bay 'cause I'd missed the dock when I got off the boat and couldn't find a way to climb outta the water. Now I knows where the ramp is...

I remembers tanking SFK with a two-hand axe.

I remembers when every single mob in Outland were "Level Skull" ( I were level 46).

Entilzah said...

Ah... GREAT idea! Lemme play!

- I remember when I thought playing a Paladin was the end all of existence. I got better
- I remember going to the actual "Inn" in Ironforge to logout, not realizing that the entire city gave rest bonus
- I remember when I discovered what the difference between a blue XP bar and a purple XP bar was.
- I remember when someone told me during an Ulduman run that Pallys were not a DPS class. And I thought they were wrong
- I remember in that same instance reallizing that this thing called "tanking" exists, and that as a plate wearer I was a natural at it.
- I remember that same fight thinking that a 2 hander is a good tanking weapon.
- I remember thinking that all the a&&hats were sucking the fun out of the game. So when a friend said he played, we decided to roll a character on the horde side to see what it was like. Now, Alliance is good for... um... writing blogs?

- I, too, remember thinking the Bear spirit was intimidating, and that turning into a furry backside was incredibly cool. And that travel form was, quite simply, the best thing EVER!!
- I remember trying to convince myself that Dire Bear form looked cooler than regular Bear Form.
- I remember thinking that Thunder Bluff was way the heck out there and not near anything. Oh wait...
- I remember grinding away on the dragonhawks in 1K and having trouble with it. And a warlock came along and just helped out without saying a word. So I did the same. Then we partied up. Then I asked if he had a good guild. And I have been with Black Undertide for the two years ever since.
- I remember realizing that min/maxing is acceptible practice in WoW, as opposed to the anamatha it was in D&D.
- I remember looking at my gear after that and realizing that my gear pretty much sucked.
- I remember when I discovered Thottbot and thought it was simply the greatest tool ever. And I remember the game got a lot less frustrating after that.
- I remember being told in my 40s that Druids make great healers. And I remember resisting. And I remember finally respeccing for the first time ever at level 52... and promptly being dragged along by guildies to heal a Scholomance 5 man. And I remember being terrified the entire time. And I remember the absolute rush at the end when I realized I had the power of life, death, and success over my entire group of friends. And I said "LET'S DO THAT AGAIN!!!!"
- I remember dinging 60 for the first time. And announcing it in Guild Chat. And the entire group cheering.
- I remember the thrill of getting my Cenarion Shoulders when I had resigned myself never to be able to get Epics. And I remember the guild sheltering themselves and having picnics beneath my Trees.
- I remember the heartrending fracturing of the guild in the pre-BC Era for people who wanted/needed different guilds for the PvP Grind/Raiding.
- I also remember everyone coming back home right before BC was released.
- I remember healing my first Ramparts run with one guildie and a PUG of others. And the others expressing their disbelief that a druid could heal. And their disbelief when they were amazed I was keeping everyone topped off.
- I remember a guildie giving me a very nice BoE Blue Tanking sword for my Orc Tank, and realizing that to help the guild I needed to level my warrior instead of my druid.
- I remember getting burned out on my tank and levelling a Shadow Priest for real DPS.
- I remember finally making the decision to level my druid again and it felt like coming back to an old, best friend.
- I remember my first Karazhan clear and how cool all those fights seemed. Wait... they still are!
- I remember doing all my healing with Regrowth, Rejuv, and -gasp- Healing Touch, figuring that Lifebloom was an OK situational spell.
- I remember trying Dreamstate with mostly blue gear in ZA and the shame of having the guild needing to bring in another healer for Lynx.
- I remember discovering the Resto Druid blogging community and all their tips to move me from good healer to Uber Healer.
- I remember the sheer awesome power of keeping everyone alive with the newly discovered Lifebloom stacks. And the great feeling of one shotting the Lynx my next time into ZA mainly because my click fest of Lifebloom and Rejuv stacks on both tanks was just the cushion needed for the other two healers to get their Big Heals off.
- I remember getting my Flaming Skulls of Death... I mean Gnarled Ironwood Pauldroons and my T4 hat the same weekend. And looking at my character and saying... you look GOOD!
- I remember running through Kara with some new druids, seeing their gear and techniques, realizing how far I have come in so long, and how I have become the mentor.
- I remember that I was a noob. I got better. I got worse. And I kept realizing what an awesome game and comminity I was lucky enough to find.
- I remember thinking that this post has gotten way to maudlin and serious for me, so I am going to have to go punt some gnomes for fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I took my first hunter into the water to get revenge on the elite shark in Theramore that made me cry so many moons ago. She was a lvl 60 hunter with the black hinterland's wolf at her side. The shark put up a great fight, but in the end - arrow and spear prevailed. I remember all the times I was looking for a little adventure - I'd just go hunt up an elite shark.

I remember the first time I saw a Thresdon I just about had a heart attack.

I remember seeing a druid rooting the stone elite (neutral guy) in Un'Goro and he asked me to not intrude. It took him about 10 minutes to kill that thing back in the day. I think he was resto.

I remember my first character ever. I didn't know what the talent tree was, but I went resto for 60 lvl's right when the game came want to talk about learning the game the hard way...

I remember a lot and now - I'm starting new adventures and new stories...I'll remember them :)

Marylin said...

I remember running up and hitting everything with my staff instead of using spells.

I remember being killed many many times as a lowbie - now I usually don't die at all till I'm at least past lvl 10-12!

I remember trying to find the druid trainer in Darnassus.

I remember when everything was new and I didn't know what was lurking around the corner. I miss that feeling of not knowing - it makes the game so much more fun than it is now, mind you, it's still fun ;)

Softi said...

ahem, that last one was me^^ and I forgot the most important one...

I remember being killed by Mor'ladim many many times over. I also remember going back to kill him myself when I was around level 50 or so. That was the best feeling :D

lethal said...

- I remember rolling on a Staff for my Druid cause of higher DPS
- i remember having to ask how to get out of Undercity!
- I remember my friend showing me a (life altering) video of Paladin tanking/AoE grinding that made me abandon warrior and roll a pally
- I remember getting squished by a Fel Reaver for the first time (scary as! Ground shakes, it yells!)
- I remember dinging 70 for first time (last sunday on pally :p)

Kestra said...

What an awesome post.

- I remember getting my first ever epic drop in MC, and the other 39 Raid Members doing the "first epic dance" /dance

(how many people have seen 39 Guildies dance just for you?)

- I remember joining in on the "First Epic Dance" for many more new members to our guild after that and it making me smile everytime.

- I remember buying a "Dacion Falx" (or something) from the vendor in menthil harbor because it looked cool "like a samurai sword".

- I remember discovering talent points at level 22.

- I remember getting attunded to "The Core" and thinking "I Have arrived!!"

- I remember seeing Onyxia for the very first time. (And actually feeling a little afraid...shhh)

- I remember doing my first ever "Boost" in RFK for a friend that i had leveled with, on a cute little friendly Tauren, I was away from WoW for about 8 months and when I came back he was "High Warlord" PVP rank, level 60 and in way better gear than the t00n I used to boost him on. He still remembers that boost and "That Axe" too lol.

I could go on all day, such a feel good post Bell.

Tox said...

I'll remember a lot of stuff once I get some sleep and do some blogging. Definitely inspired by this post to do my own about it. Thanks ;)

Good Hunting,

Anonymous said...

I remember when the Crossroads was a major PvP objective, and 5 level 30's would fearlessly mob a 60 in blues.

I remember when I thought my shaman was a viable tank.

I remember thinking just a tank and a healer could do 5 man instances. DPS? What's DPS?

I remember when I thought my druid was a mage in leather.

I remember being terrified of the underwater monsters in Wailing Caverns.

I remember the life shattering High Warlord/Grand Marshal grind.

BigBearButt said...

What a great post, Bell, and what great responses...

I remember when my buddy Mannyac the hunter and I were appropriate levels for Deadmines, on our mains, and wanted to run it again. We had only done it in PuGs before, but were hoping for more drops.

And a mighty, super high level dwarf warrior in our guild The Bloodship, Kurgen, offered to run us through.

He was level 52.

And he told us, "Just stay back and catch the stragglers"... and we watched in awe as he used Charge and Cleave and all these awesome things to hack a path through Deadmines like a buzzsaw...

Man, we still talk about how uber awesome he seemed to us.

Button said...

I remember running ZF over and over, not knowing what I actually needed but determined to prove that instances were a viable way to level a hunter....

I also remember a particular ZF run, with an unstable dwarf pally tanking, a kitty who dreamed of her DPS, a female dwarf pally the likes of which I had never seen before or since, and a tall man in priestly robes. I remember my boar, and how the pretty kitty fed him all the meat in her bags, and how the dwarf pally grumbled when he charged off at the 2nd boss.


Annanana said...

I remember seeing any giant, "omg kill it!"

Dezdemone said...

I've only got a couple as I usually don't remember ... /think /think... bad memory.

I remember thinking that all creatures would aggro me, including yellow ones and killing EVERYTHING I saw so that I wouldn't get ganked later.

I remember not logging out in a city or an inn because I didn't realize that you could get rested bonus by being in a city.

I remember having to use power word: shield and wand things at level thirty two in shimmering flats because I hadn't figured out that talents existed.

I remember my first time in MC and how epic it was that we cleared the whole place.

I remember hearing "MC raiders" after a LOT of MC raids and laughing at how true it was. That song was stuck in my head for weeks!

I remember my first Razorgore kill, I was a healer and we'd finally decided that even healers had to kite if... ahem when they got aggro. I remember Vael... best fight ever. I remember the suppression rooms.. /shudder...

Good times. Great post!