Friday, April 18, 2008

The Department of Awesome

[11:42] Jon: ok.. who decided it would be cool to equip phantom guests with goblin dragon guns?
[11:42] Nightravyn: o.O
[11:43] Jon: no
[11:43] Jon: no
[11:43] Jon: the department of ninja buffs apaprently
[11:43] Bellwether: Like I said
[11:43] Bellwether: Awesome
[11:43] Bellwether: do not question the awesome
[11:44] Jon: hm
[11:44] Jon: i guess they had it last week too
[11:44] Bellwether: You're still questioning the awesome.
[11:48] Leafshine: Awesome violation. Awesome Agents dispatched. Stay where you are. Prepare for the Awesome.
[11:48] Bellwether: Damn straight, skippy.


Khol Drake said...

Heh...Awesome Agents from the Department of Awesome...

How does one get hired into this department?

Bell said...

It's a branch of the Ministry of Badass.

They'll contact you if they deem you worthy of the Awesome. Few are chosen. Even less survive.

Pilfkin said...

Just to say I recently found your blog and whilst part of me thanks you for writing and loves your blog the other part is cross at you for linking so many other WoW blogs that are now on may favs list and which will add to my time spent surgically attached to my comp and the interweb!

Seriously though, I really like the way you write and your ability to pick out the moments and re tell them :)

Bell said...

Aw, thank you pilfkin. I'm glad I've managed to introduce you to some amazing people :D

Button said...

I'm a secret agent of the Department of Awesome.

And of course by secret I mean I tell people on blogs all the time.

Maybe I exceeded my Awesome quota for this month...

Khol Drake said...


Bordektor said...

You are not Hired into the Ministry of Badass, you are BORN into it.