Saturday, March 22, 2008

Deadmines Dress-up

Here's a fun game to play if you're ever bored!

Get a group of people together and head to the Deadmines (or Wailing Caverns, I suppose, but I prefer Deadmines personally). On the way, drop off all of your clothes in the bank. All of them. Don't hold onto your rings, or your weapons, or anything. Put them all in the bank, or your bags if you must. Then go to the instance.

Ready? Here's the game.

You go through the instance normally, just naked. As items drop, if you can equip an item, you do so. Blue, green, white or gray, it all goes on. Everyone rolls Need on BoE greens and BoP blues and phat epix, and the person who gets them, gets them. This means that clothies roll on leather and everything else.

Why is this?

The goal is to wear more clothes than anyone else by the end of the run. If you are, say, a priest who gets the leather pants off the goblin, congratulations! You have prevented a leather wearer from gaining a point. You get one point for every article of clothing (including jewelry and trinkets and weapons) that you are wearing at the end of the run.

Now, clothies and leather wearers may seem disadvantaged, but they do get a bonus.

Clothies: 2 point bonus
Leathers: 1 point bonus
Plate/Mail Wearers: 0 point bonus

This way, if a cloth wearer only gets leather drops or mail drops, they still have a possibility of winning.

So, keep everyone else from getting dressed while putting your own clothes on. It's like reverse strip poker, only you start out naked and you get to party with Mr. Smite.

It's great fun!

What do you win? Well, that's up to you. You could win a gold pot, or some rare drop, or perhaps a private session with that hot little dwarf with the cute boxers.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Bell...that's just SILLY! But omg it sounds like a HOOT! :)

Ratshag said...

Heh! What a fun way to spends an evening! I loves it.

Nick said...

TOO AWESOME! I'm totally playing that game sometime this week!

Aertimus said...

Another version of this game - if you have all night - is to start naked and run Deadmines, but give gear to whomever you think it will most benefit most. Then go run a 'harder' instance with just the gear you got from Deadmines, like Stockades. Keep running progressively harder instances until you run out of time and see how far your group can get and how well geared you all are.

Carrie said...

Now that's a sure cure for raid burn-out!! :D

Bell said...

@kestrel - in case you haven't noticed, most of my blog is teh silliness

@ratshag - glad you love it :D Go do it!

@n. e. miller - screenshots or fraps, please :D

@aertimus - wow, that's involved. something to do, i think, verily!

@asara - mmm, i hope so. raid burnout is no fun :(

Anonymous said...

How do you balance out BM hunter and Demo Locks?


I'd put my name but when its says name/url I don't get any options

Anonymous said...

nvm I was just read it from Needmorerage and was thinking you were doing it by yourself not in a group. Group balances out a class that would be better without clothes.

It should work out well I'll have to bring up to the guild then. I get options this time with name/url

Unknown said...

Haha, Bell :) This is just like a game we play called, Nakie Deadmines.... except, at the end of the run, we all go outside and dual in our new gear, and whoever wins gets the prize.