Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some Things I've Learned:

Some people are so moved by a simple list of thank you's, they'll create small alts on your server just to say hi and share their appreciation. These same people may wait an hour or so for you to log on.

Many people look at a good thing, and their only thought is "how can I make this bad?"

If you respond to those people positively and without malice, they often don't stick around.

My feel-good thread has gotten hundreds of responses, one copy-cat, and one satire. Even though I encouraged the copy-cat thread, it died. So did the satire. I suppose people just like me. Or I post too often in it.

Some people look at a list of thanks, and can't think that someone is sincere. This boggles their mind. The list is real, guys. I like you.

Adding more thanks to the shamans when people complain about how many there are would make it seem insincere. I can't do that, no matter how much I want to. People already question my sincereity; it would fall flat, wouldn't it, if I started pandering to every person who thought there wasn't enough on the list.

Some people want to one-up others so bad, they'll count how many thanks their class got.

Within the thread, I've been called unnecessarily happy. Or something, I only skimmed the troll post. It also mentioned punching me in the throat. I received a few insults, a few "threats," a few haters.

I received hundreds of thank you's in kind.

I'll call it a win.

EDIT: Also, a lot of people think I'm a boy.


Alyse said...

Honestly, people think sincerity is just sarcasm. At least most people I've met. I really liked your post and think it's awesome you were written up on WoW insider. That's like an awesome accomplishment!

Bell said...

Well, Alyse, you're just awesome, imo.

Lady Jess said...

Your list was pure win, and as I ran kara last night I was thinking about it, as my pally tank rezzed me, as a hunter pet got a mob off me, as a shammy kept me up during garotte, and a pally bubbled it off me:)

Anonymous said...

When I first read the list, I was thinking you were being horribly sarcastic.. I was "Wow, not reading this anymore..."
It took me a sec. Lol I was tired.

Bell said...

I am a rather sarcastic person, that's my style of humor. But if I was sarcastic about this, it wouldn't be funny :(

Glad you got it, though :)

Tox said...

You've been a win in my books since the first time I heard about/read your blog ;) Keep up the extraordinary work.

Good Hunting,

Ishammael said...

It's good to see there is some kindness left, even on the internet. Thanks for caring.

stobnor - a tale of one kitty said...

And... Thank you Bell for being one of the bloggers who I read that brighten up many a dull day...

It's inspired me to add my own contributions to the blog-o-sphere - when i've time to do so... Don't think i've had any readers yet, but it makes me more content knowing it've out my ideas on paper, as it were...

Anonymous said...

You know a lot of people think I am a guy too. I thought the name-ending-in-"I" was a dead giveaway. But I'm awfully old fashioned.

It's a shame that we all are so defensive and looking for negatives so that some people crapped on your awesome post. I want you to know that (inspired by you) I did my own very little one on my blog for leaders. I no longer visit the forums, they upset me so.