Friday, May 9, 2008


This is not cool.

My first run with Sunder? Virtually no lag through Bloodboil and Archimonde.

Wednesday? I couldn't stop d/c'ing. They had to replace me, and I missed out on the guild first of Archimonde.

Last night in TK? 3 fps.

THREE. At best. And I d/c'd twice.

This screwed me over on Kael and killed me within the first five seconds of VR. This is not cool.

Wednesday I believe was the fault of the internet at my mom's, seeing as how I had issues even logging into WoW or a web browser. Last night's debacle? I have no clue why that happened. Perhaps it was just TK wreaking havoc on my computer. Maybe just bad luck on my end.

I already had to buy extra RAM for my laptop to run WoW. I can't afford a new computer, nor can I justify buying one to my parents. Though I'm almost 20, since they're paying for college their approval still holds some (a lot of) sway in my decisions. Especially money wise.

So what can I do?

I'm going to trim down my addons some more. I'm going to go through my computer, clean it up, delete unnecessary things, defrag, run my antiviruses and spyware detectors, do whatever it takes to get this thing liking me again.

I want to raid. Three frames per second? Is not going to cut it. I am on trial. The people in the guild like me so far, and I want to keep it this way. Disconnects during raids, them having to replace me, perpetual lag on bosses that require motion and situational awareness? It does not impress. It does not say "competent healer." It makes me seem unreliable at best.

All I can say is thank god Thaladred took mercy on my poor lagging soul. Kael did not, but, well...can't win them all.


Ratshag said...

Oh, buggers, I's sorry, hun. Hopes yer able ta fix it up today.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. A Mage in our guild is having issues with his fps in much the same way. I'll see how he's resolving it.

Softi said...

Oh no :( I hope you manage to get it sorted. I know I'm stating the obvious but if it's a PC make sure it's not got too much dust inside! Happened to me with the old one I had and a quick vacuum was all it needed to perk up a lil ;)

Curtis said...

Find out where your vid settings are and lower them all the way. Not just in game vid settings but your graphics card vid settings. Should help a bit.

sonvar said...

I think if they gave ya a guild invite you'll still some leway initially. If it becomes persistent over more then a week then I'd really start worrying about it. Hopefully the RAM should have and doing a defrag as you thought to do never hurts. Better luck to ya.

Rhoelyn said...

It is so frustrating to play the game on a low framerate. I sympathize, and I hope that you can find a way to fix it. The list you mentioned sounds like a great set of tasks to try. Here are a few more:

1) Second Curtis' comment on reducing all your graphics settings. Make sure to check / decheck all those little graphical dodads that it says can help improve performance. (Like vertex shaders and stuff).

2) Update your graphics drivers. WoWInsider had a recent article about new Nvidia drivers.

3) Ensure good ventilation around your lappie when you play. Overheating on the graphics card always drove my framerate into the ground on my old computer.

Best of luck,

Runycay said...

Pro Tip: Before you run WoW, open up Windows Media Player, verify that nothing is playing on it, and then minimize it. Open WoW. This little trick has to do with the way that Windows allocates memory, and generally nets me another 15 FPS.

I also agree with Rhoelyn on all accounts; my FPS goes to shit when my laptop (yes, I play on a gaming laptop) overheats. I bought a ten dollar mini fan that I can run next to it when it starts getting warm. I also get dramatically better results when I crank down graphics settings--there are a LOT of spell effects being tossed around with all the AOE in Mt. Hyjal, and it destroys my framerate. Just be careful: not being able to see the ground during a few fights might get you boned by area effects (i.e. Death and Decay on Rage or stuff during the Illidari Council).

Of course, there's always this: make sure you have nothing else running in the background, and make sure your Anti Virus software or Windows Updater isn't trying to run. Hope that helps!

RunyCAT said...

It'd also help if I knew how to spell my own name--clearly, it's been a long, long day.


Bell said...

Heh, I knew it was you Runy. :P

I do have this nifty little device that I slide uner my laptop that blows air up to the bottom of my laptop and keeps it cool. I always go through and end all the programs possible. I'll try the Media Player thing, I've heard of that before.

I recently had to delete my WTF folder because I wasn't able to log in, and it's been running a little smoother since then. Managed not to destroy the raid on Teron Gorefiend with the help of the raid leader helping me kill my constructs, giving me 30 seconds to help the next person completely waste theirs. It was thrilling. :)

My framerate is still a little low, so I'll keep looking into ways to improve it.

Thanks everyone!