Tuesday, May 6, 2008

/gasp /breathe

Okay, so.

Y'all know I'm guildless right?

Well, I did apply to one guild. This guild is called Sunder, and is a higher progression guild, working on BT and Hyjal.

I killed Bloodboil with them just about four hours ago. I got focused on twice, and I died twice. I was the only one in the raid who did...I was mortified. You see, I was invited to the run after applying so they could scope me out, see if I was worth their time.

I wanted to be worth their time.

No one said anything about my Bloodboil deaths. I assume this is because they saw me pop barkskin each time, stack all my HoTs, and do everything I could to stay alive, but to no avail.

Still. Archimonde? Terrifying. He is a very, very complicated fight. Not in how many different things he does, but because if one person dies, it's hard to recover. It can also cause chain deaths, and then you need to run into the fire and kill yourself so that everyone can run back in.

Ways to impress others in Mount Hyjal, on Archimonde:
1) Do not be the first to die.
2) Carefully manage your trinket cooldowns.
3) Maintain a level head, even after three hours of wiping.
4) If you die because you messed up, learn from it.
5) Check for your tears.
6) Carry more raid consumables than the guilded healers.
7) Share your consumables with the guilded healers.
8) Check for your tears.
9) If you die to something that was honestly, completely and unavoidably not your fault, explain the situation if you are asked. Apologize even though it wasn't your fault.

I never was the first to die. I got yelled at once, and only once, because I was feared far, far away from everyone else, and was afflicted with a curse. My trinket was also on cooldown. And I lived. As soon as fear was off, I popped a health pot, a decurse, and then a piece of lock candy, threw up my heals on myself, and ran back in. I didn't complain, I didn't get upset they yelled at me.

We never downed Archimonde. It was a progression run, and people learned a lot. We were doing consistently better, and were far ahead of the enrage time. He was down to about 45% in 4 minutes; that's great.

After the run, I thanked them all for the raid invite, and left the raid. Not more than fifteen seconds later, a box popped up over my head. I had been invited into Sunder.

I accepted. I'm on two weeks trial period. If they like me by the end of it, then I'll become a real raider and start earning DKP. For now, I just gotta stick it out before I can get phat loots.

I was nervous and scared and anxious the whole run. I had read into Archimonde extensively; Bloodboil not as much. The guild I ran with was nice and put me in a stationary group. I never had to run to the back or do something other than heal the main tank.

They worked with me, waited for me to jump off the cliff about twenty times, and positioned a rezzer at the bottom for the one time I killed myself. I never died to fall damage on Archimonde; possibly due to cat form. I never even took more than 100 fall damage. I avoided fires and when I couldn't, I healed myself through it. I healed the other resto druid through hers, too, and the hunter by me. I topped off who I could and healed the tank when I could.

Despite being intimidated and terrified beyond all reason, I performed well enough to receive a guild invite.



Matticus said...

Oh shuure, I see how it is. Join them and turn down an opportunity to raid alongside Matticus.



Matticus said...

But I'm happy for you. I honestly am. The blogosphere just got a little bigger. Now I'll have someone to bounce ideas off of at this level in the game. Hopefully. I'm not upset. If I were, I would say it straight out that I'm disappointed. But I'm not.

Lady Jess said...

grats Bell!!!

Stefan said...

That sounded like a NASA interview.

Ratshag said...

Told ya I had faith.

Softi said...

Whee gratz! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice :) I remember when we recruited a druid not that long ago, that's probably exactly what happened :)

Jon said...

/congrats =)

Ioni said...

Grats Bell.
Those Fights aren't easy.
We are at the same level of progression, and with all our experience as raider, we still have troubles with archimonde.
It's the one fight where everyone need to do whats expected and do it flawlessly.

Pike said...

Wow, grats! Does sound nervewracking though >.>

Draleon said...

Yeah Archi isn't fun until you get him down then he still isn't fun because everyone still has to be on top of their game... No slacking especially for healers and druids have it worse than others as we have to heal everyone AND decurse AND watch the MT AND pop our 2 min trinket on the right heal rotation AND dodge fires AND ...

Anyway - one thing to note that really is a big turning point when all your guildies (or soon to be guildies) realize this is in no way a DPS race. It is about staying alive (period). Use banadages use your candy use your health pots. If you have a heal button and you are still DPS (enhance shaman / SP / etc...) click your heal if you need it.

Best of luck to you!

Draleon - Infusion - Shadow Council (US)

Anonymous said...

Conga rats!

You definitely kicked ass at healing and did a good job with it, to hold your own up to Black Temple and Hyjal!

I take it that you've got the job thing set and figured out, since you're going for the raiding thing? :)

Anonymous said...

Grats Bell!

I knew you would have a chance at a highly progressed guild.

-Sydera of Vek'nilash

erumel said...

I'm sure you'll continue to impress during your trial.

I'm also working on Archimonde right now, it's hectic isn't it? =)

TeePee said...


Andy C. said...

Congrats on the new guild and seeing some high(er) end content!

Anthony said...

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, my guild?, its better than yours! hehe jk =) you were fine

Ess said...

Woohooo! Congratulations, Bell! And awesome post... I look forward to hearing more about your adventures as you're settling into the new guild. :)

sonvar said...

Yikes that is quite the test to get a guild invite. Glad ya passed. Not sure thats how I'd like to join a guild though. I'd much prefer being tested on a much simpler raid or at least not with them doing a progression run.

stobnor - a tale of one kitty said...


Now that should mean even more fan posts about fun content! Content I'm personally likely to never see, but stuff that I love to hear about all the same!

Decado said...

Big grats on the evening.

Armond said...

Wow. Holy crap, Bell! Nicely done!

I read the first few lines and I was about to bother you on AIM with probably the same as is above BUT YOU SIGNED OFF RIGHT THEN WAH!

So yeah, expect to be bothered at some later date. You done good. :D

Dezdemone said...

Grats Bel! A little late I know... =)