Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get a Little Woody

[13:16] Bellwether: I was thinking about Lifebloom.
[13:16] Bellwether: This is really bad.
[13:17] Nightravyn: ohhhhhh?
[13:17] Bellwether: Lifebloom is like sex. You have to keep a steady rhythm and keep it going, because if you bloom too early, everyone is disappointed in your performance. And it gets harder to work up the momentum again.
[13:17] Nightravyn: ::giggling::
[13:18] Siha: And the bloom is fundamentally the same whether you've been going for a moment or forever?
[13:18] Bellwether: yep
[13:19] Siha: :D
[13:19] Siha: This demands a blog post.
[13:19] Leafshine: And, frankly, as I get older I need longer between boss fights.
[13:23] Leafshine: But, on the other hand, now I'm not so young and excitable, I'm less likely to suffer premature Blooms.
[13:23] Matticus: you people and your sexual innuendos

[13:18] Button: but don't worry Bell, even if you bloom early I doubt they'd be disappointed ;)
[13:18] Button: you've got the mp5 to try again


sonvar said...

I had to stop myself from laughing loudly in the office

Bell said...

But laughter is healthy!

sonvar said...

True but bottling up laughter counteracts the bottling up of frustration so it puts in a better mood overall.

Ratshag said...

Palintera says:
Wait, are you saying that it's like when ...oh.

Khol Drake said...

I think I just crit my pants...

Anonymous said...

You think that's good, try getting with a hunter... we're agile, hit "the spot", always come prepared, and when things get heated up, you get to meet The Beast Within...

...but on the other hand, we've got a thing for animals, get a little kinky with traps, we'll crit all over the place before we're done, and it takes us a while to recover once we've blown our load (of mana).

Stupid Mage said...

I thought it was:
Hunters go deeper into the bush,
Shoot more than once,
and always eat what they shoot...