Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Impossible is Possible! Random Updates

People are always very worried about Bear Form's constant mouth open problem. Well, worry no more, and rest assured in the fact that it is possible for it to be closed. No kidding. Seriously. See the above screenshot.

Unfortunately, this seems to be only true when you are swimming as a bear. Go figure, you don't want to swallow the entire ocean.

Also, my latency continues to be evil. No lie. Check it out!


But! I just downloaded PerformanceFu, so hopefully my issues will be alleviated a bit.

I have recently also got an influx of fun mail in my mailbox. I've received thank yous from people, interesting offers from Ratshag (he doesn't like begging, but apparantly his tentacle-faced self needs to be pimped), and also a gray pick-axe with a note saying "for my nose." My friends are weird.

I finally got to see Archimonde go down. So awesome, that last ten percent where you're immune to everything, and you can just dps the heck out of him. Also, jokes about Finger of Death, and "being Fingered for over 100k damage" will never, ever get old. Ever.

♥ to you all, I'll have something more substantial up for you a bit later!


Anonymous said...

Yeah that is an evil latency. I know a manual at work we have also ends at 666 pages. It's an evil product. So during the last 10% did you switch out of tree and start wrathing him to death?

Bell said...

@sonvar - I don't do Archimonde in tree. Besides the whole "20% slower" thing being very, very bad for dodging fires, I have a job of decursing, which can also not be done in tree. The advantage to this, however, is that I can throw up Insect Swarm whenever I'm near the boss :P

Anonymous said...

I thought they removed that limitation and you could do decursing in tree form.

Well glad to hear you could throw in some extra help since you couldn't be a tree.

Khol Drake said...

I hate when I get fingered to death...doubly so because I'm a dude o.O

Bell said...

Decursing was made to be available in Moonkin, Abolish Poison in Trees. :)

Josh said...

But Bell, you can cheat in avoiding fires by shifting to cheetah and zooming away!

Bell said...

@josh - we're advised not to turn cheetah to avoid the fires, as that sometimes causes them to switch targets or loop back into the melee or tank. Ouchies >.<