Friday, May 9, 2008

LF Gnome Warrior for 2's, Will Wait Two Months

One of my good friends will be disappearing for two months or so. And I'm going to miss him.

A lot.

I first met him while in my very first guild. He played a hunter, and he joined my Zul'Farrak PUG. He had a boar. I've forgotten the boar's name, but I remember liking it, and feeding it. I remember him being exceptionally good at what he did, and our first good PUG member. We loved him. This was also pre-BC, and he never questioned our pally tank or me being feral dps. I friended him, and we bumped into each other from time to time. I once found him doing the turtle escort in Tanaris.

Later, my guild fell apart. He was the leader of his own guild, so a ragtag bunch of us merged into it. We were welcomed, and slowly we worked ourselves in and became a part of the group. Many people left; I stayed and so did a couple others. At that time, he was playing a holy paladin. Then he became one of the best tanking paladins I've ever had the privilege of running with. Eventually, though, he found he didn't like his pally much, and his girlfriend didn't like her warlock. Together they levelled a warrior and a priest, respectively. I remember taking them to RFK and eating the face of an UD who tried to gank them.

Some things came up, and he decided his best course of action was to join the Navy. This brought unwelcome news to me. He would be leaving. His coming back was tenuous. And I didn't know when he was leaving or for how long. During that time of uncertainty, I'll be honest. I was upset and stressed. I'm sure others were even moreso; his girlfriend is a wonderful, amazing, smart person, and I feel for her to be seperated from him for so long.

He has been my arena partner for months now, guiding me through the process without making me feel stupid. I don't have the heart to find another one, honestly. He's always been helpful and supportive of me, in game and out. He's strong, charismatic, intelligent and hilarious. We talk on the phone, share each other's problems, give advice, help each other out, share stories, make fun of each other, and enjoy each other's company. He's a superb player, a hell of a leader, and an amazing person. He's proof that people in-game can affect you, change you, and be important to you.

The next two months or so are going to be a bitch. Logging on and not seeing him, being unable to call him to chat...will be painful. I know it's only two months. But that's most of my summer. That's a long time.

I'm going to miss you, Button. Come back soon, okay?


sonvar said...

As soon as I saw the title I knew it meant something was happening to Buttons. Well hopefully Buttons will be ok those two months and you'll both have stories to give each other upon his return. I too have WoW friends who are in the military and it was sad to have them gone for a month.

Button said...

<3 Bell.

That bit about that ZF run really brought back some memories for me...I had so much fun with you guys.

I'm gonna miss you too. Grab somebody for 2s and when I come back we'll totally hit 2000. See you when I get back.

P.S. The boars name eventually became my new hunters name: Forsvar.

Sky_Paladin said...

That feeling of pain is the proof of your real friendship.


Be happy, to be sad.