Sunday, May 11, 2008

Is Where Ratshag has Fashion Sense

[13:31] Bellwether: I need a shirt to wear
[13:31] Bellwether: Go. Find.
[13:31] Ratshag: okay
[13:31] Ratshag: how about this one?
[13:32] Bellwether: i dunno
[13:32] Ratshag: mmmmm
[13:32] Bellwether: i have to wear it to my mom's
[13:32] Ratshag: oh
[13:32] Ratshag: something a little nicer then
[13:32] Bellwether: /nod
[13:34] Bellwether: Hmm
[13:34] Ratshag: maybe this one? is pretty
[13:34] Bellwether: O_O THAT'S NOT A SHIRT
[13:34] Ratshag: oh
[13:34] Ratshag: oops
[13:34] Ratshag: sorry
[13:35] Ratshag: how bout this one? brings out color of yer eyes
[13:35] Bellwether: Ah. Yes, I like this one.
[13:35] Bellwether: Thank you :)
[13:36] Ratshag: you very welcome

What are you all standing around here for? Go be with your mom! Or at least call her!


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Sonvar said...

I am visiting my mom but moms get tired and want to take naps. This leaves time for doing other things like visiting sites and leaving one of my comments. But at least this time I'm not wasting company time XD