Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Goodness...

My shopping list:

1x earthstorm diamond
1x skyfire diamond
2x fel lotus
5x primal might
6x primal life
2x nether vortexes

Get Exalted with SSO

Also on the list:
Get Exalted with Aldor
Epic Flight Form




sonvar said...

Depending upon badges you have and what other badge needs you have it would seem to me the hardest thing on that list to get is going to be the Primal Mights. Since I can't exactly help you with farming any of the stuff I can only wish you good luck.

Andy C. said...

Getting exalted with SSO was extremely easy for me. I'm still working on the Aldor/Scryer rep. The mights might be a bit of a pain, but the Primal Life and Fel Lotus shouldn't be hard to get for an herbalist. If you were on Malygos, I'd be able to hook you up with those as I have plenty of both.

The rest will take some doing, but with the money you'll be making from getting exalted with SSO, it shouldn't be too much of a burden, unless you hate doing dailies.

The biggest hurdle will be the Heroic Sethekk run, but with all the people that blog and hang with you in the game, I'm sure you'll get this list knocked out in no time.

Bell said...

The problem with SSO dailies is I don't have time to do them =/

I also hate relying on other people. Not because of some self-centered like "amg I did this on my own!!!" thing just um...well, I hate it if people would lose out on money for me.

I used to have 2.5k g. I now have about...1.2k.

Ouch =_=

Softi said...

The SSO rep is pretty easy to grind... as for the rest of it - Good Luck!

Tox said...

You'll get there Bell, I've got faith in you. It may take some time, but I'm fairly positive that you're awesome enough to pull it off.


Good Hunting,

Brandon Tilley said...

Feeling your pain -_-