Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroic Resto Cheat Sheet: Utgarde Keep

This guide is part of a series on healing Heroic bosses and gaining achievements. They are straightforward, quick guides designed to give an overall idea of what to expect.

Utgarde Keep:
Prince Keleseth
This is a very straight-forward fight. Get HoTs on the person who becomes randomly Ice Tombed, as they tick for 400 damage a second. This should be easily offset by a Rejuv and one Lifebloom. Keep your Barkskin for if you become the target of skeletons, and keep yourself HoTted. Otherwise, simply heal the tank and anyone else who is becoming a target of summoned skeletons. If possible, also use Barkskin if you become Ice Tombed, as it should reduce the damage you take until your dps can break you out.

Side Achievement: On the Rocks
If you’re going for this achievement, realize your dps will have to be fast, and you will need to keep at least a Rejuvenation and Lifebloom or a rolling stack of three Lifeblooms on anyone Ice Tombed. If you or your tank become Ice Tombed early in the fight, it’s an unlucky set up. Unless you have an off-tank or off-healer, it will not happen.

Skarvald and Dalrann
Skarvald and Dalrann come together. Skarvald is the half-naked brutish melee, Dalrann is the necromancer. If your group is not planning on killing Skarvald Dalrann first, you will wipe (thank you to Paravel in the comments for pointing out my name mix-up). As long as they go down at the exact same time and Dalrann dies first, you will be fine. Heal people who are charged by Skarvald or shadowbolted by Dalrann’s ghost. Keep your back to a wall; there is no minimum distance for Skarvald’s charge on heroic, so he can charge even if you’re next to him. Keep people topped off, but main focus should be the tank and Skarvald’s charge targets (especially clothies).

Ingvar the Plunderer
This boss requires you to position yourself to the side of him, as far ranged as you can get, while still not LOSing your other ranged. Use instant-cast heals and keep everyone topped off as much as possible in the both phases, and if you have it try to apply Wild Growth after the silences from Challenging Roar (phase one) and Dreadful Roar (phase two) end to heal the maximum amount of people possible. This fight is the king of random damage encounters. It is very important that you do not stand in front of him, and no one standing next to you grabs aggro. Also be aware of who you are healing, as in phase two people can become debuffed so that the healer gains damage while healing them. If you cannot take about 1.5k damage, heal yourself first. This debuff is called “Woe Strike.” Also, be aware of who has axes floating around them. Move away from them, but keep them healed. If you are in their vicinity, you will be damaged as well.

Though seemingly involved, the fight should be fast-paced as long as your dps is decently geared. The faster they kill it, the less damage everyone takes.


manorton aka Paravel said...

Just a note:

" If your group is not planning on killing Skarvald first, you will wipe."

Actually you want to kill the caster first. If you do not then the rezed Skarvald will charge constantly with no agro table and could stay on the healer.

From wowwiki
"Skarvald will randomly charge players, and when his spirit spawns it will do the same, usually towards the healer. Since the spirit has no aggro table, he may stay on the healer until the fight finishes."

We had issues when trying the other way over and over, just wanted to help those who dont like hitting their head against the wall :)

Great post by the way. Thank you.

Bell said...

My apologies, thanks for pointing it out. I got the names mixed up; I definitely meant the caster!

Edited with credit owed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! As a DPS class I never really understood the healing expectations of heroic dungeons and this will help my druid alt immensely when he starts running heroics. Looking forward to more of your guides =)

Anonymous said...

Woe Strike can be decursed.

Ueshiba said...

Hopefully I'm speaking on behalf of many others; I would LOVE to see a continuation of this extremely helpful "cheat sheet" series that includes all the heroics. I know these may be "old hat" for most people at this point, but please don't forget about the continual leveling of new players that are just starting out to heal these instances (regular or heroic). You're tips and guidance for UK and Nexus have been great thus far, and I'd love to keep coming back here for future dungeon endeavors. Keep helping us Bell! =)