Thursday, February 19, 2009

Behold, the Mighty Power of My Hearthstone!

So, yeah, I'm in Northrend. Took the boat there, and Bellwether's been sending me all over the place. It's crazy! Like, apparantly, if I spend all my time in the Howling Fjord, I'll miss the robots that I can engineer into pieces in the Borean Tundra. But if I spend all my time in the Tundra, then I miss out on pirates. I'm not sure why I have to go to the pirates, but taking down that insane guy and then killing his bear with no back-up will be some good practice.

Anyway, I started out in the Fjord. Pretty place, but there's way too many giant smelly guys who apparently just love to work out their frustrations by running headlong into our base. I don't know what they're so angry about. Perhaps not everything is to scale? But, what a way to compensate.

Well, there's this one quest there where you have to go into some sort of shadowy area and there's these winged ladies who are wearing too little clothing flying around, and you find out that you humans are the offspring of the giant Vrykul (nice to know your whole race is just a weaker deformity of a larger race, no?). And guess who's there?

Arthas. Oh, I was ready to give him a piece of my mind. Except replace "mind" with "axe" and "a piece" with "the entire bladed head." However, Arthas is apparently too much of a pansy to take me head on, and froze me in some sort of bubble. It was pretty weird. I kind of just froze. I couldn't even bubble myself, and that always works!

And then, as I'm a captive audience and the guy loves the sound of his own voice, he started yammering on about if I "feel it" and "languishing" and "souls" and "eternity." I really only caught the "eternity" part because it so accurately described the self-important spiel. And you know the winged bitches were bored, too, but they're scared to death of him.

He looks kind of fat in his armor.

Anyway, this whole time he has his back to me. I suppose it's dramatic? And then he starts going on about how I'm not powerful enough to serve him yet and it's not my time. If my eyes weren't frozen in place, I'd have rolled them. Well, it seems at this point the Bitch King had decided that I needed to die to prove a point, and that just wasn't in my plans. Weird that some almighty undead monster of a man can stop even a pally bubble with his weird stasis thing, but he can't defeat the power of the hearthstone.

What a scrub.


Anonymous said...

I know this isn't related but...

Holy crap Bell! Sweet new layout!!

Faulsey said...

Hearthstone is OP!

Nerf Hearthstone!

Anonymous said...

I agree, nerf hearthstones! The Bitch King shall rue the day! lol

Button said...

Coincidentally, immediately after Arthas got done telling me I wasn't strong enough to serve him, I proceeded to slaughter most of his higher-ranked generals.....

Why am I not good enough T_T.