Monday, February 23, 2009

The Mount Debate

I've had this discussion with many other people, so I thought I would open the floor to other viewpoints! The discussion topic: flying mounts and druids.

Some people think they are a waste. After all, our flight form is instant-cast, allows for quick gathering, looks nice and can save you from falling. It's built-in; you only have to pay for flight training and the skill. Who needs a mount when you have that? The only possible reason could be the seasonal achievement that required flying mounts (due to needing to be riding a reindeer).

On the other hand, mounts come in a wide variety of species, color, size and mechanics. Taking an extra second or so to summon a mount is no big deal when you're flying somewhere like Naxxramas or a summoning stone.

Some seem to think special items like the CoS bonus drake mount is "wasted" on druids due to the epic flight form. I know I felt guilty when I won mine, but I ride it constantly just because I love riding drakes. I've been warned off buying the red drake from Wyrmrest because it's not worth the money since everyone has one and I have flight form.

Well, what do you guys think? Is a special mount, such as the blue protodrake, azure drake or CoS drake, wasted on a druid?


Daniel said...

I tend to fall on the side of mounts being wasted on druids. I like my instant cast flight form (especially for herbing. Screw mounts for that) and am too impatient to wait for something that is pure vanity.

However, there is nothing wrong with preferring the mount either. If someone wants to ride a dragon, I can certainly see the appeal- and druids have just as much right to roll on them as anyone else.

Kestrel said...

If I were a Druid, I'd use flight form 90% of the time; that other 10% though, argues for getting any mount you care to get, including rolling on mount drops. (Although I would probably only take the CoS one after everyone else had theirs.)

Druids aren't second-class citizens, for Elune's sake!

Ben said...

Denying a druid a mount is like saying other people should only have 1 vanity mount, any more would be pointless. Just because flight form is the coolest method of travel doesn't mean that druids don't deserve variety :P

Bell said...

@Kestrel - Why would you wait for everyone else to get theirs first? Is it just because you like for other people to get it first? Or because you're a druid? And what would you do with PUGs?

Felkan said...

Once you've had a taste of an **instant** cast mount there is no going back. The 7 levels I had to cast my ground mount may have been the most painful ever in the game (though I did use travel form quite a bit to avoid the cast).

I guess if you are a collector, I see nothing wrong with Druids rolling on mounts. No one else "needs" one either as I assume they have their "default" epic flyer.

Wolfblitzer said...

As a long time druid, I believe that we have just as much right to roll on mounts like the Bronze Drake or Blue Proto-Drake, as they're more status symbols than mounts.

Mark said...

This can't be debated. It's a matter of personal choice. Do you or do you not want a vanity mount? It's like asking whether chocolate tastes better than vanilla. It depends on the person, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Bell said...

@Mark - debate is probably the wrong word. Really, I want to hear people's opinions and their basis for them.

You wake it, you tank it. said...

It can easily be argued that if the other members of the group have their Epic Flight training then they likely have an epic flyer. As such it's no discernible value to anyone outside of Vanity. While my Broze Drake doesn't get used as often as EFF( you don't have to leave form to herbalize... so much love! ) I felt no guilt on rolling.

Myna said...

I'm a happy little druid and my CoT4 drake was my first flying mount. I just love it. I only use swift flight form in ohsh*-situations (mostly with shadowmeld and for running from dks). I always wanted a drake and I love the 3 seconds it takes me to mount my lovely bronze drake. It's called twinkie!

(any questions? ;))

Kayeri said...

Once you get past your first fast flight mount or form, whichever, the rest is vanity... I DO have the red drake and I love it! I ride her around quite a bit, although when herbing, yes, nothing beats flight form...

In my story-filled inner universe, what could possibly match the sheer awesome-ness of winning the friendship of one these magnificent creatures?? After all, they are intelligent beings in their own right.

On a game level, yes, they are a vanity... anyone who has put in the time and effort to earn the 5k to purchase the skill HAS a fast mount, after all, its only 200 gold more.. after 5k, thats a pittance. I had my fast grif before I finished my fast flight quest chain, of course. The rest is vanity, no two ways about it, since there is no practical difference between one fast flight mount and another.

So I am in favor of druids rolling on mount drops in LK.

Pandlantern said...

*Shrugs* That would be like telling pallys and warlocks they cant roll on the baron's horse just cause they can summon their own and all.

Druids have just as much right to a roll worthy mount as everyone else does!

Least that's just my two sense on it all.

Ratshag said...

Kinnavieve has passionately wanted a red drake ever since she first did Aces High. In fact, she can't understand why anyone wouldn't want one. Granted, without a mount she flies about as well as one would expect of a woman wearing 50 pounds of plate armor, but still she won't be settling for a regular 200g gryphon, and doesn't see why any druid should have to settle for the default way of flying either.

Anonymous said...

I would be dissapointed if a druid rolled over me on a drake...but I would also be dissapointed if a rogue did it...what can I say, I want them all!!!!

That being said, vanity items are just that...for vanity. You can have something for the pure sake of bragging rights. Everyone should always roll need on vanity items.

I can say this since I have the headless horseman horsie and thus won't whine ever again about not getting a certain item ;)

Go druids, fly high in whatever fashion you desire!

TomWolf - BM hunter

Keeva said...

I know people who have the Sarth and Malygos drakes and still don't usually ride them, so it's not just druids who can roll on vanity mounts and then not bother with them. Personally I use my Headless Horseman a fair bit since it's a go-anywhere mount.

I get angry when people say that druids shouldn't roll on vanity flying mounts.There are people in my guild who complain about druids winning the Sarth drake mount for example. My usual response is "oh have a cry" :P You'd better believe I'm rolling on those things, ESPECIALLY the Malygos ones.

Reminds me of back in vanilla when people would argue that you could only roll on the Baron's mount if you didn't already have a mount - because it was unfair to have two mounts.


Niniel said...

If it was a case of someone not having a flying mount at all then as a druid I'd pass but for a mere vanity object I think druids are as entitled as others to it.

I was second in my guild to get the Sarth + 3 mount after all and I'm using it here and there and liking it a lot.

Kalon said...

I'd only roll on one if everyone else had it or it looked really cool (or gave a benefit like the 310% boost).

I just can't justify having a vanity mount for the most part when I'll never think about using it.

My vanity mount is epic flight form :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so late to this discussion I don't even bring up others' points and reply, I will only say what I think.

I think druids have just as much "right" to have vanity mounts. That's exactly what they are - vanity - for any character that purchases/wins them, druid or not.

I just consider druids lucky enough to have a cool looking flight form that can gather *grumbles*

Have as many as you want, ride them wherever!

Dorgol said...

If my Paladin loses a mount to a Druid I won't be TOO upset. I'll be upset simply because I lost, doesn't matter WHO I lost to.

However, my Druid will pass on all mount drops unless everyone else in the group has one (how likely is THAT to happen?). Not because I don't "deserve it", but because I won't take something from someone that I won't EVER use.

Kestrel said...

@Bell: Heck I didn't think you were gonna answer me! Especially not with QUESTIONS!! :O

Anyway...Even on my priest, I didn't take the drake till the rest of the group had theirs; I was mostly there to help them. However, I don't think a druid should have to wait: After all, it's not like the CoS drake is someone's first epic flyer! (LOL...although I know in many cases it is, in fact. But those people don't even have Epic Flying Skill!)

As for PUGs...I don't pug. But if I did, you can bet I'd be rolling.

Vargarth said...

I use mounts. A lot.
As a skinner/lw, I generally don't go flying around in SFF looking for bodies to skin, so it's not as vital to me as it is to herbies.

Also, I love my vanity mounts/money sinks. Go, go, Red Drake and Cenarion War Hippogryph!

Leontine said...

My boyfriend won the Black Drake from OS10 3D (guild first down, 3rd overall server), and already he has about 10tells saying the same thing "omg, wasted on a druid". I don't think that's true. He works just as hard as everyone else and deserves a chance to roll on it.

Granted, that idea has gotten him nearly every rare dropped mount in Wrath minus the Twilight Drake. But I believe that it's just as vain for a druid to have a rare mount as a say, a warrior. Not everyone is stuck to flight form you know.

Gryphonheart said...

Since I don't have a high level Druid character, I'm not going to jump into the debate of whether or not Druids should roll on flying mounts or not. I would, however, like to point out that unless things have changed, epic flight forms do not gain any benefit from mount speed increasing effects, such as a Paladin's Crusader Aura. So, speaking as a Paladin, if I'm grouped with a Druid and we are both making our way to the same location together, I'd much prefer the Druid have an epic flying mount so that we can both get there faster.

Think of the Paladins—get an epic flying mount. =P

Muffinator said...

I believe it depends on the druid.

If you are like me, and know that you WILL use the mount on a regular basis, and/or you enjoy the look and feel of it, etc, you should have just as much right on rolling as anyone else.

If you know you are NEVER going to use it, don't roll, but I believe this goes for any class however. If you know you are not going to use the mount, let those who will roll on it first.

The Figure said...

Agreed.. wasted seems like a term a druid should only apply to themself individually. I've passed on the CoS drake every time I've been in there, because I know I'll rarely if ever use it (and I want all the mounts on my priest, but hey..), and I'd rather people get it that are going to be joyful and delighted about getting an epic flying mount. On the other hand though, a blue drake.. that one tempts me enough I'd roll since it'd get some use.

But then I'm the one that uses travel form in cities to avoid the several-second lag of mounting up + trying to move faster, so maybe I shouldn't be talking here!

Anonymous said...

Ilari on cenarius here. I absolutely can not stand special mounts. To be staring at a gigantic dragon A$$ while waiting to summon in Naxx is probably one of the most abysmal things in the game. The bigger the worst in my opinion. The hummers of WoW.

Amava said...

I kinda see the conversation from two perspectives:

1) From the player's perspective, if a pretty/varied mount is fun for you, then its not a waste. If you're indifferent or just collecting, I'd say pass in favor of those more interested, but that applies to all classes, not just Druids.

2) Other perspective, role playing. I wonder how other Druids feel about one of their membership choosing to use a mount? Do they view it as that Druid scorning them? Or maybe from another angle, maybe your Druid gets migraine headaches from flight form or is allergic to feathers, so she only uses Flight Form for instant cast evasive maneuvers or uber convenient herbing trips, but chooses the more relaxing and health conscious mounts when she can.

Kheldar said...

we're as entitled to them as any other class.

i get the ones i can - i grinded out the rep for the Nether Ray and the Dragon.

i'm working on rep for the Wyrmrest one as well.

although yes - 90% of the time fly in epic flight form I dont feel i should be excluded from other flying mounts.

i like to have a variety of mounts. they are part of the game and are open to anyone to acquire.

Megalis said...

Some of the mounts are simply beautiful, while others are incredibly hard to obtain. They deserve to be shown off.

I'm a collector and a completionist so I would take them for that reason alone, regardless of what class I am.

The bronze drakes from CoS that everyone in my guild is amassing? I tank those runs (well most of them). I put in the effort to get it, so why don't I deserve to have it? The same goes for every other dungeon/raid mount that drops.

I have several vanity flyers including the Time-Lost Proto Drake and the Bronze and Albino Drakes. Ever since I got my Time-Lost, if you ever see me flying somewhere you will see me on that mount. Unless I'm gathering for a quest :D

I have been working very hard on finishing Glory of the Hero for my Red Proto Drake and I intend to fly on it. I cross my fingers every week for the Green Proto Drake from my Mysterious Egg. If the Blue Proto Drake ever drops in Utgarde Pinnacle, I'm rolling on it.

That being said, I would like to pose another question. What about the people that haven't purchase epic flying yet? The first person in my guild to win the bronze drake was just this sort of person. Should we have let him roll on it?

Bell said...

I agree it's often based a great deal upon opinion. I love to see that I'm not the only druid who likes mounts! And I can see the reasons for regarding them as less than stellar.

Bell said...

@Megalis - that's a really good question. In my personal opinion, if they helped get the group to the mount, then they should get a shot at the mount for when they -can- fly.

Kulat/Kriyet said...

If you like it and you use it, how is that a waste?

Personally, I didn't even spring for the vanilla flying mounts - I LOVE Stormcrow and my guild had to put up with my squeals of ecstasy when I got my epic form. I flew circles around them for 10 minutes. And not having to dismount to click on stones or pick up items? Priceless.

But that's just me. Many others love their mounts.

Bottom line - you play this game for fun. If it's more fun for you to have a mount, then you should be just as able to roll on it as any other player.

Hana said...

Personally I don't roll on the special mounts on my druid because I know I won't use them. But if the druid *will* use them, they should be able to roll on them. I know a druid who went out an bought extra nether drakes past the one he got when he hit exalted just because he liked them and he made a habit of riding them everywhere he went.

Monkeytree said...

Druids only have one use for a funky flying mount - to show off and strut their stuff. But wait - that is exactly the same reason that everyone else has the use for that mount! (excepting their very first mount)

So druids have an equal dibs on cool mounts, even though I use flight form almost all the time because it's mechanically better.

Ytsorf (Staghelm) said...

As a druid myself I find mounts to be pointless, but I have the 25man Sarth 3D mount to have fun on whenever I do feel like riding a mount. The fact is u can't deny a druid the roll on a mount. Who says u would use it anymore?