Friday, January 30, 2009

Fail and Win: You Decide


McBrown said...

LMAO I love that last one. "This zone is Canada" so true, so true.

I play two different paladins, and at least twice a day I'll get a whisper about what spec I am, or "are you tank?" or "can you heal?" Usually, if someone asks me what spec I am, I reply with either prot or holy, depending on what toon I'm on, then I ask them what spec they are. yesterday, when a rogue asked me what spec I was, I responded Holy, then I said what spec are you?

"I'm a rogue."


Spaceoddity said...

I really like the last one too.
Especially since the picture name is Canadia. :) Stupid joke but it always makes me smile.

Averna said...

Hahaha, awesome posts. I love it when people ask me what spec I am, and I tell them I'm resto - and then they legit get angry at me. "Dammit ur not a tank? Eff u"

I also love it when people get angry at me if they ask for my spec and they actually need a healer, but for some reason (I'm farming, I'm not in the mood, I'm about to log off, I'm about to go into a 25 man Naxx run with my own guild) I can't do the instance with them.

Desperate Nub: "Spec"
Me: "I'm resto"
Desperate Nub: "can u heal H Hol"
Desperate Nub: "plz"
Me: "I appreciate you asking me, but I can't go right now =( sorry!"
Desperate Nub: "WHy not plz i will pay u 20g"
Me: "I'm really sorry, I just can't go now. I hope you find another healer, good luck!"
Desperate Nub: "F u, u suck so much, stupid b*tch"


Kep said...

Being asked about my spec is a pet peeve of mine. Generally not a problem on my hunter, but whenever I log on my paladin alt I get it constantly. Usually I log on my paladin to farm herbs and getting whispers from random people who are so desperate they type '/who paladin 80' and go down the list whispering gets irritating. 'u tank' 'spec?' 'heals?'...I used to answer them, now I don't bother. Even when I join Looking For Group and set my comment to say 'Holy' I will still get whispers asking my spec. Please, people - learn to read! The Looking For Group comment is there for a reason.