Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacation Post: What is it About Hunters?

Despite anything Bellbell may have to say on the subject and the current (slightly confusing for others) legal battle between Druids and BRK, I do adore the hunter class.

I am now in the process of leveling Scary Murder Cow, a.k.a. Rums, who is my sixth hunter. I only play him with a friend (Friendly Helper Cow the druid, a.k.a. Lagers), and since I have little time lately to play him, he levels slowly and inefficiently, but it’s fun. He’s not level 10 yet, so no pet, but when he does reach that magic number I’ll be hunting down the Rake for my first pet.

However, I have a deep, sinking, I’ve-been-here-before feeling about this hunter.

You see, I have never been able to level a hunter past 17 before abandoning it. Not because I don’t love the hunter class; it’s fun to just do straightforward, send-the-pet-in-and-shoot-it DPS. It’s fun to play with traps and jump shots and concussive shots and all sorts of different tracking. No, my reason for having abandoned the hunter class a total of five times has been due to events besides enjoyment of a class.

Hunter One, a dwarf female named Katholen with a cute smile and red braided pigtails, was created on Cenarion Circle with a couple friends for the sole purpose of relaxing RP. However, a fallout occurred with one of the friends, and I ended up deleting Katholen and her bear, Brun, months after it was final that the fallout was not something the group could recover from.

My second hunter, a female Tauren, was made with other friends who wished to try out Horde side. We were all Tauren, and had planned on making a guild called , full of only Tauren. Unfortunately, no one ever seemed to want to play the cows at the same time (or didn’t have the same free time open), and so Dylana reached level 17, my highest level Horde character (and hunter) ever, got Echeyakee before I realized just how common the white lion was Horde-side, and then I played her perhaps once in four months if I wanted to try a little non-twinked Horde PvP.

My third hunter, Rums, was made because some friends were considering rerolling Horde. That fell through at around level 11.

Gesic was created for an RP server again; this time, Moonguard. However, my raiding career was shaky, the schedule kept being changed, and I never was able to make the events of the guild I had joined. I was removed, and Gesic was pushed aside. He did, however, run to Darnassus and get an owl, a feat I was incredibly proud of since it took forever. Later, I tried to play him with four other bloggers, but once again, clashing schedules caused his hiatus.

My fifth hunter, another Rums, was an attempt at reconnecting with my (now-ex)boyfriend. Obviously, it didn’t work, and I wasn’t going to keep that hunter around after the fact.

It seems I have bad luck when it comes to hunters, but perhaps someday I’ll be able to have a pet and kite and lay traps and do competent CC. My plan has always been to be a Survival hunter, but with WotLK I may have to go BM just so I can have a pair of pets. That sounds…intensely interesting, strategically (of course, it may all boil down to having two dps kitties…unfortunately uncomplicated)

Here’s to hoping!

Oh, and if you're wondering why the name "Rums" appears so much, it's because I want to name all his pets "Cokes." Rums and Cokes. Ha's funny, laugh.

Bellwether is on vacation from the twenty-fourth to the fourth and appreciates your patience in answering all your comments and e-mails. Please enjoy these pre-scheduled posts and guest bloggers in the meantime!


Ratshag said...

"Ha's funny, laugh."


Anonymous said...

Make a Draenei Hunter!

Pike said...


I should start blogging Ratshag-style: "Needs More Hunters"