Monday, July 14, 2008

I Made a Friend!

Perhaps my favorite part of PvP is the uncertainty of encounters with the opposite faction. Will they attack? Will I attack? Will we just pass by? Who knows! Exciting.

But, anyway, I was down in the Caverns of Time, checking out the price on Timelapse Shard (much too expensive for the rare times I would use it), and, out of nowhere...

WOOSH. Stunned. What's this? An Undead Warrior...? Oh no. I'm totally dead.

...wait. Wait. That's all he's hitting me for?

I do a quick check. All right, he's in Thrust, so he's in the top Horde guild on our server. And he has...oh. He has Illidan's shield. So, he's a tank, one of their main tanks, to have that shield (then again, they've been farming Illidan so long he could be an alt; I wouldn't know any better), and he's obviously spec'd prot at the moment. His damage is...laughable. Like, "Oh, um, I guess I'll Lifebloom now" laughable. The 2k crit from what I suppose was a shield slam hurt a bit, but I just hit Rejuv and sort of...stood there.

I hit him with an Insect Swarm and almost a Moonfire when I stopped. Poor thing was just like me, unable to kill anything. Though, I honestly could have killed him. But, I waited. He did a /cry. I did a /soothe and then, coming to a quick decision, I asked him to /wait.

He backed off, probably curious about what I was going to do. Well, I opened Outfitter and went to the rarely used option called "Birthday Suit." And then suddenly I was wearing nothing but my tabard, rings and trinkets.

He laughed, and I sat down. What followed after was short and bloody and I walked back to my corpse. When I rezzed, I redressed in my armor, and he showed me his Bear Mount. I showed him Bear Form, being not in posession of a Bear Mount. Then we had a picnic, and a campfire, and I told him a few jokes and he laughed. His Shaman friend ran by and laughed at us, but I wasn't mowed down in the three seconds it would have taken that Enhance Shammy to cut through my PvE gear. After a few minutes, I waved good-bye, he returned the gesture, and I hearthed to Shatt.

I think I made a friend! Maybe, for life?



Armond said...

See! We hordies aren't all that awful. We just get some bad publicity every now and then. Or... something.

Well, either way, from what I hear there's a certain orc keeping good relations with a certain alliance tenth-circle mage or some such. Can't be bothered for the details. Sets a good example for us all, though!

(Yes, I did get pounded by the Fel Reaver while typing this. /dash)

Anonymous said...

Cross faction picnics.. what a beautiful thing...

Myna said...

That reminds me of my long-term-horde-relationship with an UD-mage. We met in Blade's Edge, he was farming snake meat. I was around 67, a resto-specced-druid, I had "victim" written all over my forehead, I'm on a PvP server...

I was after the windscales for my leather set, those were really a pain in the tree-butt to farm. So I jumped into cheetah and skinned his mobs. After a while he was kind enough to loot them completely so that I could skin each of them, then I helped him kill them. We laughed, joked and flirted a lot along the way. When his bags were full, he asked me to wait, went to the next mailbox and returned 5 minutes later. And on it went for a couple of hours.

Suddenly a human pally turned up, and that guy was out for trouble. I told him not to hurt my skinny (haha, pun) friend, but he would not listen. Well, he didn't last long. I tried to heal the pally and bring peace to senseless killers, but my friend sheeped me and baaa I had to watch the pally die. Serves him right, he shouldn't have attacked in the first place. ;)

After a little more farming the mage apologized in advance and I heard that cruel 5-second-pyro-sound.. popped in tree form, hotted myself up and stood there, waiting to be the "awww, look at my nice crits"-test-dummy. We did that until I was oom, he thanked me and apologized again and offered me to do the same to him. Being a peaceloving tree, I told him I'd never ever do so, then we went on farming.

Later we met in Shattrath a couple of times and hat a chat near the campfire or sat around my picnic basket, flirting and kissing. We got a lot of jealous glares. ^^

Moral: Cross faction friendships can be forever. :D (or maybe he's just into that nightelf-thing..)

Button said...

If it's red, it's dead!


Sephrenia said...

Awww - how sweet. I like to see myself as the lone friend in a dark world. I have a range of attire which I slip into depending on the situation - dresses, christmas outfit, etc. I carry my picnic basket at all times too. I flirt, I giggle, I smile wickedly - anything to avoid a fight.

I am a pacifist in a harsh world. Apologies to anyone killed by my rogue though - that will be my son playing for me.

Bell said...

@Button - not like you're around to protect me from them anymore. And didn't you say you might reroll BElf paladin? Am I supposed to gank you? Are you going to gank ME?


Anonymous said...

I agree it's always questionable how members of the opposite faction react. I don't know how many times I've helped out a player of the opposite faction just to have them attack me after it's done. At least a few times a got /ty response.

lilxs said...

Hi Bell,

Maybe you'll find this useful:
I made my (small) fortune trading gems and pots on the AH. Much more fun than farming. The most AH money is made from reading patch notes and preparing for eg new PvP seasons.

It's really useful to have a self-healing DPS alt to grind with. Enhancement shaman are fantastic, as are affliction warlocks. Warriors need a lot of badge gear to grind efficiently imho.

re: the OP, Jintha'alor has always been a pleasant cross-faction experience for me. Sometimes I think people are more polite when they can't use words.