Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guest Post: Five Reasons I Play a Druid

Today's post is brought to you by Horns of Yet Another Warlock Nerf!

1. Easy leveling

Bear Form

Although many druids choose balance for leveling, smashing mobs as feral is much easier. Once you get your cat form at level 20, it becomes a breeze. Casting an occasional heal on yourself is enough to keep you going without any downtime. After level 42 (or 47, depends if you like Furor or not) with Improved Leader of the Pack you rarely need to rest, and you'll be killing elites and soloing group quests like no other class. But it gets better when you get Mangle - that is without doubt the best talent you will ever get for feral druids, so good you won't be using Claw ever again. With decent items from Outland, you'll be unstoppable.

2. Stealth

Cat Form

I tried leveling some other classes after my druid but could never stick to it, partially because of Prowl. Of course, I did manage to get my rogue to 67, and hopefully some day to 70. Those quests when you have to kill that Mr. Big Ogre at the back of that cave with 30 other ogres standing in your way become so much easier.

3. Versatility

Tree of Life, Travel & Robot Forms
Although druids in their forms are not supposed to be as strong as other classes, they're pretty darn close. With proper gear, you can be anything you want: a very strong meat shield with plenty of health, a furry kitten who can DPS almost as good as a rogue, a fat feathery bird with awesome nukes even mages frown upon, or a tree-like creature with the wackiest dance ever.
Looking for a tank for instances? No problem. Need a DPS? Invite! Whatever you choose to be when you grow up, you will always have a place in groups and raids. Ok maybe we can't be some fancy robots, but we're working on it.

4. Crowd Control

Moonkin Form

While we're not known to be the best class to crowd control, we still do have our moments. Hibernate is rarely used, but there's always a beast or two around which needs to take a nap - why fight two when you can fight one. Cyclone, the notorious spell which caused much uproar, is probably the second most annoying crowd control in game - Fear obviously being the first. We can even Charge our enemies to immobilize them and interrupt their spell casts, and if that fails we can Bash the living hell outta them. Kitty druids can Pounce and Maim to keep their targets from staining their fur. But that's not all: Entangling Roots and it's young sister Nature's Grasp will make sure our nemesis stay exactly where we want. In Wrath, we can even cast it indoors - who needs mages anyway.

5. Flight Form

Flight Form

The only instant cast mount will make sure you never die if you miss the elevator at Aldor Rise. We even get it 2 levels before anyone else, which makes roaming around Blade's Edge Mountains a whole lot easier. And the best part: if you picked up Herbalism like myself, you can gather herbs without the need to dismount. Now that's epic.

There you go, my top 5 reasons why I love and play a druid. I could probably write 50 reasons, but nobody would read that. You're most welcome to comment and tell the world what you like about druids.

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Stupid Mage said...

Druids totally suck before 20-30.

I think the process is so painful so as to weed out the chaff.

Stupid Mage said...

I just re-read my comment and boy do I feel dumb.

That comes off really bad doesn't it? I'd like to say that I love Love LOVE my Druid. She was my first ever character on WoW.

After leveling her up and getting a good Tank set, my guild needed a Healer, so I went full bore healer. I greatly enjoy both Tanking and Healing with her - some of the most rewarding gameplay ever.

The first several levels on my first character (my Druid) were hard so I made several alts, but always went back for more pain. It's tough in the beginning and doesn't really get fun until later - at least that's how it was for me. And that's what I really meant to say.