Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DING! Thats Not A Moon...

Hint: Look at the chat log, my achievement screenshot addon malfunctioned.

I won't lie and tell you it's been a long, hard road. Liberal applications of the RAF program, full complements of Heirlooms, and two hours after work with a few more on the weekend reduced my least favorite part of the leveling grind (1-60) to a little under a week.

The BC grind was a little harder, though nearly as short (I took a week-and-a-half break where I did little more than log on to check auctions and berate people for not inviting me to raids I really didn't want to go to anyway). What there was of "difficulty" came not from the grind itself or the group quests (having an 80 DK parked nearby to dual box came in handy, yes, I cheat), but from something I did not forsee: the ganking.

Now now, don't get it twisted, it's a PvP server, I expected to be engaged in some sort of world PvP as I leveled. What I did not expect was to be so utterly rolled by every single class, save a few priests. I'm rusty, sure, but I was an honest-to-god Gladiator, not some scrub slamming his face into the keyboard. I found myself ghostwalking back to my corpse, shaking my head, knowing I had done everything I could have and still gotten rocked.

I had some inkling of the shambles Warriors were reduced to in PvP, due to practically laughing them off on my pally, but I think a part of me, deep down, half asleep, believed that there were no good warriors left, that they had all rerolled much like myself, or quit entirely like Dajin, one of the best 2400+ warriors during this Arena season (there's only a handful of them to begin with).

During the past week, reality snuck up on that comatose part of me and smothered it with a pillow, giggling all the while.

EDIT: Great minds think alike, I had forgotten that Bell had posted Light At the End recently, which coincidentally shared the original title of this post. Whoopsie.


Chad said...

What is the addons/screen setup that you use? That is a nice setup.

Kayeri said...

Grats, Button! You are a bit ahead of my rogue, and I moved her to Northrend already. She's not quite 70 yet. :)

Button said...

My UI is a modified version of the original CaithUI Widescreen (whoo 24 inch monitor), which is probably still floating around the intarwebz somewhere, though I've had it for a while. Quick rundown of some of the mods visible in that screenshot:
Questhelper (of course)
Things that aren't visible:
Fubar (Durabilityfu, performancefu)
Instant Health
Rating Buster
EventAlert (one of my all time favorite addons)

If you need help with designing or setting up a UI, let me know, I've done quite a few over the years.

I moved Button to NR at level 68, but the quests in just Valiance Keep and Fizzcrank Airstrip (with a little side-trip to Death's Stand for the Axe of Frozen Death) were enough to ding me 70 with some left over. :)
Go go magic rogue....I never had the patience to level one past 30. I'm a bad person. I hope to go back one day with some more heirlooms and seriously level one, but that would involve both daggers (I already have the leather shoulders). Not too much work, but my badges will be going towards gear for my warrior for awhile.

Kayeri said...

You arent a bad person, Button! :) not everyone is made to play every class.

I just deleted a mage and a shaman at around level 30 because they just didnt feel right to me. The ones I have now, Kayeri, Rhiane (the rogue), warlock, paladin, hunter, dk and priest I get along with just fine.... I just never have enough time to play them all... I had a warrior... got her to 40 then didnt touch her for 6 months... she ended up going away, too.

Chad said...

Thanks for the information and sorry to start the comments off topic there.

I would take you up on the design offer, but am currently playing on a very low resolution monitor and would be too embarrassed showing you what can actually display on it. lol.

and finally, Welcome back Button!

Button said...

I think I've rolled close to 5 hunters over the past 2 years, trying to get back to my roots (my first character ever was a hunter named Forsvar), but I feel like they've gotten too far away from the original concept of the class. It's not something specific, just something I can't quite put my finger on, I always stop them around the 40-50ish area.

Other than that, I have few alts, preferring to focus on one character at a time, and to that end limiting my own choices.

I once designed a UI for one of those mini laptops with the 8 inch screens. It's not hard, it's just a matter of getting things to a minimal viewed level (most likely utilizing bartenders options to show/hide in combat, pitbull/kgpanel synergy, smaller quartz bars, possibly IceHud to eliminate even needing player frames to begin with outside of a raid, which you can use Grid for).

If you decide you want some help, my e-mail is and my AIM is Odin827. I'm forward deployed in Japan, so unless you're up at odd hours you're liable to catch me Away on AIM, but drop me a line anyway and I'll respond when I can.

And, thanks :).