Saturday, March 7, 2009

LFM To Kill Horde in XRoads

Today I'm going to talk about something near and dear to my heart: world PvP. Yes, yes, I know some of you are thinking "ye gods, whyyy?!", but I don't care. Okay, I do, but why won't you love me? Q.Q

Anyway. World PvP has been one of my favorite things in WoW since I began playing all those many eons ago. Previously I had played Ragnarok Online, with set times for such things and very little in terms of "world", as much of the game ignored physics to begin with (lolz my arrows fly sideways...and diagonal!).

The ability to change the outcome of a battle by using differing terrain to circle kite, LoS, slow your opponent, or even outright kill them; the epic feeling of finally looting a node or skinning a baddie after fighting tooth and nail; these things still get my blood pumping. I would never have gotten mining to 450, or subsequently ground out enough gold for my Darkmoon Card, if not for the epic fights while farming saronite and titanium in Sholazar Basin.

I understand that a lot of people hate world PvP, both the ganking that comes with it and the more enjoyable 1v1 you walk into on occasion. Although there are servers designed for people that feel that way, I understand people roll on servers for their rl friends and such, so I've never been one of the harpies touting the "lolz pvp on a pvp server" mentality.

In my mind, this style of world PvP is what sets WoW apart from other, similar MMOs. There are, perhaps, some that do it better (at the expense of involved, engaging PvE), but its still the most interesting part of the game for me.

But seriously, stop killing my hunter in Darkshire. Please?


Kep said...

I have the sudden urge to go to Darkshire and look for you!

Myri said... I've never been one of the harpies touting the "lolz pvp on a pvp server" mentality.

I've never understood that. I mean, I do get "don't bitch about the PvP/RP if you rolled on a PvP/RP server," but insisting people participate when they don't want to kind of boggles the mind.

Button said...

If you're on DI, you're welcome to it. Just expect a visit from my main soon thereafter....we don' play no games!

I imagine it has less to do with insisting people participate and more to do with hearing the QQ day in and day out on the forums. The boy who cried wolf mentality and such.