Monday, April 27, 2009

Obligatory Noblegarden Post Here

The holiday is here, there's no denying it. And, well, since I completed it on Bellwether the first day, and have almost completed it on two other characters, I believe I know a little about it. If you haven't started or are just getting started, here are some tips for you.

First off, understand that no egg belongs to you. Whether you're spawn camping or circuit running, nothing has your name on it. Coming to terms with this will make the holiday less stressful overall. You still have a week, so there's no point in becoming completely freaked out the first few days.

A handy tip for people missing their female orc: If you know a female human with the Orb of Deception, putting bunny ears on them while they're in disguise counts. Seriously.

If you're going to Un'Goro and you're on a PvP server, take friends. I'm not telling you whether to gank or not, that's your personal preference, but having the muscle to take out any would-be gankers is always preferred.

When you're not being smiled upon by the RNG gods and are having a low drop of special items, collect enough chocolates to buy everything you need before you go purchase. This will help keep your blood pressure down, so there are less chances of buying something, then having it drop.

If you're hated by the goblins, but are going Desolace - Silithus - Tanaris - Thousand Needles - Badlands, remember that the flight path outside of Gadgetzan is controlled by a non-goblin, so as long as you kill the few guards around it, you are still able to fly out of there and up to Theramore to take the boat.

Remember to relax and have some fun with it. It lasts a week, there are no pure RNG achievements, and all it will take is a little time.


Sylly said...

wow the Orb of Deception tidbit is awesome! I had no idea! Lots of good little tricks and advice here, especially the bit about no egg is yours. I saw so many people yesterday yelling and saying things like "don't take my egg, asshat!" and I just snickered at them. =P

Verdelet said...

Heya Bellz, any idea if you can get the achievement title without being 80?

Kayeri said...

Very good reminders, Bell! This is meant to be in fun, not in frustration and all the other unpleasantness we've all observed. The holiday is complete on Kay, and while I have 2 other toons who want bunnies (my warlock and my DK), they may have to wait... :)

Doodle said...

Hehe... the "my egg" drama is crazy. I'm loving the holiday and am running pretty much all 30 of my characters at least until I get enough for the pet. I can get 100 eggs in about 2-3 hours by lapping Azure Myst. Tedious, but easy.

Verdelet: a level 39 twink on my server has the title. Needed warlock friend to summon to the out of the way places, but did all the stuff and is now "the Noble" --- so it probably just take lots of planning. ^_^

Kayeri said...

Well, I did it. As of this evening, every character of mine who wanted a bunny has gotten it. That was Kayeri, Miren (my lock) and Raeh (my DK).

Then my husband insisted his paladin's girlfriend (my dual-existing paladin Arriele/Arriell) should have the Spring Robes that Mac could enjoy the sight of her so clad, so I hopped on each of her incarnations and collected the 50 eggs needed.