Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Second-Chance Evaluation

On Tuesday, our talent points were refunded again. This meant I had two characters with dual specs to point up. Bellbell was easy; I'm still trying out healing on her, so she went Retribution and Holy. Bellwether, I talented her first spec PvE resto and then...

Left the second slot blank.

When 3.1 came out, I was all excited to try out feral tanking on Bellwether. I had a full, though somewhat shoddy, feral tanking set. However, having not played feral but three short times in two years, I wasn't feeling keen on pugging a group as a tank. I didn't feel confident, and, as odds would have it, the majority of my friends are tanks and dps. They never need me to be anything but a healer. And everyone else is always in Ulduar.

As well, I am now focusing a lot on Bellbell and trying to get her decent gear so she can pump out some decent DPS. She's hit capped, a somewhat easy feat for Draenei with a hit racial, but her crit, ap and expertise leave something to be desired. Getting groups as a DPS is very painful, and often times the experience is so awful I'm beginning to suspect that my successes pugging on Bellwether were largely due to my own knowledge of my class.

So now I have an empty talent slot and few ideas what to do with it. A possibility is Boomkin, as it is always fun to typhoon people off of things and have a tree mafia. However...I am always irked by weak heals when I am on my Druid. Completely bothered by it. So, if I do dual-spec Resto, there are a few options...

  • Use my second spec as a different healing spec. One will be a raid focus, one will be a tank focus. Odds are there will be only variable output, but have slightly different styles and focuses. However, as I am not in a serious raiding guild, the likelihood that I need something so micro-managing is minimum to none.
  • Dreamstate! Decent damage dealing, decent healing, impressive mana regeneration, and I'm still a healer! It would be nice to finally try out the (in)famous Dreamstate spec and see what it has to offer.
  • Spec for PvP Restoration. Though I don't have an active arena team and PvP is a rather scary place of burst damage right now, I've been wanting to get back in. I've been considering an experimental double healer team ("considering" meaning it was proposed to me last night and sounds hilarious) and so PvP may be the way to go.

Now, I'm not giving up on the other aspects of Druiding. I still have the oft-neglected Feralicious who will continue being Feral forever. I have spec'd Moonkin for an achievement (Less-Rabi) and I do enjoy other aspects of being a Druid. But Resto is definitely my choice, always.


Doodle said...

Dual spec has rekindled my love of healing. I healed my first Heroic Violet Hold last night after a well-known guild was begging for one for about 15 minutes. I told them "I haven't healed in about three months, would you care if we wiped?" and they said they were ALL trying out their new dual-specs so why not? It was a hoot. I got the Achievement for VH, some random Cyanigosa achievement and the 250 Stone Shards achievement in one fell swoop. The people were kind to not laugh at me, but they did say "I guess you really DON'T do many instances, do you?" They also didn't laugh too much at my last minute gemming and enchanting. I sure did miss the tree dance again! ^_^

Keldara said...

I went with balance for my secondary spec. Same as you though, I'm irked by the weak heals. And I forget I don't have swiftmend. (I've died because of this.) It's really a pain. >.<

As for healer arena teams, a guildie ran into a disc/resto team and had huge amounts of troubles getting them down. If for nothing else, it might be worth to try it just for giggles. :P