Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DING! (Again...)

Yes, I hit 80 some days ago, but I've been working on gearing up and such so that I can possibly see Ulduar before my potential deployment in May, so I haven't really had, or rather made, time to post here and share my accomplishment. But, with the server down and little interest in anything other than watching Firefly and taking a nap, I figured I'd come around and bore you yet again with more musings about myself.

Sometime around 73, I respecced prot (as you might have noticed by my cameo in Bell's new banner ^), and have never looked back. I haven't tanked since early BC, when I went prot from Holy paladin because our small-ish guild lacked a MT, and I've always been one to fill a need, but I have to admit, not only the being needed but the sheer awesomeness of being a prot War is something that I wish I had discovered months ago. I soloed every group elite I came across as I made my blood-and-entrail-strewn path across Northrend, and laughed as the Horde attempted to gank me as they had in the Outlands, even when they came in 2s or 3s.

After many instances, and many different quests and zones and gankages, I successfully dinged 80, and began my long (okay, not that long) quest towards becoming geared enough for Naxx and heroics. It took me, oh, about 4 hours. I was accepted into [Eternal Fate] at 78, and when I dinged 80....well, look at the screenshot:

Yes, that's right, my t7.5 helm within hours of dinging 80. Needless to say, I <3 my new guild. But, enough about me, I have thank you's to hand out.

1.) Derae - Though she's quit WoW, she didn't give me any crap for playing as a stress reliever from all the nonsense I've been dealing with in my shop at work.
2.) Bellwether - Running me through instances, stopping by to help me with quests, shes just as helpful in person as she is on her blog.
3.) Nosaaj - Letting me borrow his DK for random quests I couldn't find anyone else to help me with, running me through everything from VC to Nexus, can't thank him enough.
4.) Tekuo & Bidelia - For likewise helping me with quests, and eventually getting me into [Eternal Fate].
5.) [Eternal Fate] - For running me through 25man naxx as a 2nd OT they didn't need, looting me not one, but 2 tank helms because the first dropped from Saph and they said the t7.5 was better and I *needed* to roll, and consistently running heroics with me so that I can get geared as quickly as possible.
And last, but most certainly not least:
6.) You guys, for being awesome and making me feel like I was doing something worth writing about, heh.

One last screenshot, one that made me feel all fuzzy inside when a few idiots starting yelling in Dalaran about how I was a "ninja".

And yes, I have a bit of an ego. Not such a bad thing, I say....



Bell said...

OMG I remember Enrar. He was kind of terrible...

You're welcome, and thanks for helping out Bellbell.

lux said...

wee, <3 bidelia!

Kayeri said...

Grats, Button, its a long slog! I'm one bubble from 73 on the rogue, but she's moving along. I would have made it last night, except we got word today was patch day and I broke off to get the mail cleaned out on all my toons. :)

As for idiots... well, they are on every server, sadly!

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what UI setup you are using on these screen shots? Thanks in adavance!!

Button said...

You'll get there! :D I didn't clean out any of my mail lol...

Once I finish getting my UI updated and tweaked for 3.1 I will do a post on it, since you aren't the first person to ask.

Tekuo said...

Zomg, Tekuo! Dat is me! I miss playing with you guys. =[

3 more weeks!