Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mana Regen Nerf Reported by Eyonix

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Source is MMO-Champion, referred to me by Eranthe of Zul'jin (US).

With the increase in the cost of Lifebloom and this new nerf in raid buffs, things are looking a little more difficult. Part three of the PTR Lifebloom Discussion will debut tomorrow, with this incorporated in where applicable.


SneakyFox said...

On one hand I totally understand nerfing the class to make it interesting. However I'm wondering if this shouldn't be an instance only debuff rather than a worldwide change to the class.

For example, for those up and coming doing regular and heroic runs normal gameplay is the same, however upon entering the "Hard mode" debuffs the party/group/raid with what they are trying to implement. I probably should suggest this on the forums, but I'm trying to get imput from others first.

lolwrus said...

that sounds like a really good idea Sneaky.

like, where there are different rules for raid 10 mans versus like 5 man runs, or even 25 man runs?

btw, to the author of the article, I just found this site and its really awesome. :)

I really hope to come here a lot more in the recent future. :)


-Launch. (resto bebe) :P.