Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Can't Believe It Was THAT BAD

Vault is easy, right? Right. Nothing can change that. It is four pulls then a boss that requires minimal coordination and staying off steps and out of clouds. Simple, right? Right.

So, it starts with Vault 10. I'm leader. We have a tank, a healer, and DPS. We quickly fill the other spots until all we need is an OT. A person leaves after I invite a friend to OT, meaning their friend won't get in. No big, he was DPS. Fill the spot, go in. Get whispered during the first pull to kick "some scrub" so jerk DPS who left can OT with his friend healing him. Um, no. We're full. Bye.

Vault 10 goes down without a hitch past the singular whisper.

25 is where it gets ugly.

I'm filling spots, doing my best to get this moving smoothly. We have plenty of time, so no rush. I get all the necessary people and then it's just DPS. The raid pretty much went downhill from there.

The following occurred in painful fashion:
  1. Rogue attempts to get me to kick another rogue so he can have sole shot at rogue gear. I refuse, and he demands to be given any rogue gear that drops. I tell him loot will be given out based on rolls, and if he doesn't like it, he can leave. He stays.
  2. I have to kick a shaman out of the raid because I didn't notice I had invited someone from a guild known to be complete and utter asshats and ninjas (and be proud of it). For the record, if you play on Dark Iron (US) Alliance side, do not group with Scorpion Kick members or you will regret it. And please, stop giving them the attention they want. If you have to say anything, simply state that they are ninjas, and then ignore them.
  3. First try at Archavon the OT d/c's twice, leaving the DPS helpless and dead. The boss enrages, we go down, people leave.
  4. Turns out that the rogue who the other had wanted to kick has only done 800 DPS. As a rogue. At level 80. They leave, and I feel torn between the fact that they really did not belong there at all and that I had done both the right and wrong thing by not booting them because the other rogue asked me, but diminishing the raid by bringing along someone who could not pull their own weight.
  5. Second try on Archavon, DPS on the steps bug out the boss so he evades the new OT's taunts. DPS die, we wipe. Start over, have to get more DPS for people who leave. Instance is close to reset.
  6. Invite a hunter who will not get off the steps despite raid warnings before engagement and three during the fight. He is removed from the raid.
  7. Archavon goes down with less than three minutes to distribute loot before instance reset. Loot is handed out quickly, people are rezzed as fast as possible, and everyone gets everything before we are ported out.
  8. Upon porting out, it's found that, despite the Master Looter having clicked her name prior to being ported, a priest did not receive her robes. Or her badges.
  9. I die inside.
Both the priest and I filed GM tickets in order to get her robes. Through out the process, the priest was the nicest ever even though she had to live through two wipes and the possibility she could not receive her robes or emblems. Through talking with a GM and sorting through a misunderstanding (the GM had mistakenly closed her ticket thinking it was a raid-wide issue; thankfully the same GM talked to me, realized the mistake and reopened it), her ticket has been escalated and she should receive that which is due her.

This disaster stands in stark contrast to the PUG 25 and 10 I lead two weeks before, which went off without a hitch and everyone was nice, did what they were supposed to and stayed connected. It seemed like the night of the pushy individuals, as when we did pug OS 10 (no drakes) later, the healer who "had to leave in 20 minutes" kept trying to boss the tank around.

At least I got my Protodrake Whelp this morning out of my very first egg.



Brajana said...

But at least it gave you something to blog about! ...right? :)

I'll keep the note about the nasty DI guild in mind when looking for pugs!

Doodle said...

Oooo... yeah. Been there, done that.

As a fellow Ronin druid now, I get having to PuG raids and all.

Isn't weird how it's either super-smooth and fun and quick and every has a great time or it's a complete and total cluster---- from the beginning?

In my experience, there's no "well, it was okay for a bit, but then xyz happens" and so on.

Ho Ho said...

This reminds me that last night on my L71 DK I did roughly 1.2k dps over Nexus run. In nearly every pug raid I see tons of people who do <1k dps (a shadowpriest on OS doing 500 dps including aoe'ing trash?). People in general seem to suck quite a lot for some reason.

Darraxus said...

I do 1400-1500 dps tanking, so it irks me to see DPS so low. I do over 1k on my level 72 Ret Pally who is decked out in a bunch of greens and blues.

Vargarth said...

Standing on the stairs. Why, oh why, do people do it?

I tell them in raid chat. I put over a raid warning, I tell them over vent. Then, at the end of the fight, I whisper them, and they reply "o, u wer talkin 2 me?"..


Button said...

I know I dipped out when you were telling me about this....I was about to miss the bus and had to quite literally run.

Truth be told, pugs can go well, or they can go horribly horribly wrong. You know that I normally pug both 10 and 25man naxx, and its either a full clear in 4 hours or a painstaking crawl over the course of 8+. Don't be too hard on yourself, especially in VoA, the raid leader is less of a leader and more of a babysitter in that instance.