Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Like a true internet dork-geek-nerd, I read webcomics. Lots and lots of webcomics, about everything from the high school dramaz to the delightful adventures of whacked-out carebears, from seriously cute veggie heads to thought-provoking stick figures, from that magical duo that made my server so popular to Bear's fave warlock of doom and everything in-between. However, when I switched computers, I forgot a lot of old ones and picked up a bunch of new ones, and have been expanding my horizons.

One of the ones I "lost" is called Awkward Zombie, a collection of largely non-sequitur comics about Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., the artist's life, and, of course, World of Warcraft. The Stoppable Force or Llanion (I unfortunately don't remember which...) linked to this comic in Blog Azeroth chat, and I was excited; I had missed them but forgotten the name.

Going back through the archives, I found one comic in particular that left me in stitches for about ten minutes, and so now I share it with you via link.

The Root of the Problem

Enjoy! I know I did!


sylly said...

rofl that is priceless! Do they sell that wagon at the Dalaran toymaker?

Jeremiah said...

you can subscribe to wowinsiders sunday comics, i like their weekly offerings.


just throwing that out there if you dont have it :D

Stop said...

Actually I think Llanion linked to it... I just commented that I had, in fact, Path of Frost'd someone who was falling.

I mean, hadn't done that.


Anonymous said...

A few other wow comics are




The ones you posted are good and have been added to my comics to read every week.

Jeremiah said...


one of my first wow comics, also if you are in tech support at all i suggest