Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Haelz iz 4 Fite?

Is there anything you've ever wanted to do in WoW, but no one would ever give you a chance?

For me, it's been tanking. I've always kind of wanted to tank as a bear. It looks so awesome, but no one ever gave me a chance. The three times I can remember tanking are as follows:

I was spec'd feral and running Sunken Temple. I wasn't the tank; a paladin was. However, this was before all the nifty treats paladins received for tanking, and it was difficult for him to hold aggro. My first reaction for when the mob ran to the healer was to shift to bear and taunt it off. This caused me to receive the most surprising temper tantrum from the paladin, who was intensely pissed off I would even dare offtank (as this meant he was not doing his job as main tank) and I, therefore, stopped. Thankfully the priest never died.

My only two others were with friends who couldn't be convinced that I needed them to not mess around because I had no idea what I was doing. But they didn't listen and it stressed me out to no end, so I set up my bear bars for resto PvP and haven't looked back.

Now, with dual specs coming out, I'm preparing a feral set. I want to try tanking again, and I've made friends agree to not go overboard and let me get a feel for it. I'm excited; it should be something new and fun. Resto will always be my main spec, and something I love, but there's a lot to be said for being able to try new things without completely screwing up your action bars or feeling like it's a waste of money.

Has anyone else been looking forward to dual specs (or even something else) to give them the chance at doing something they've always been locked out of?


Nuncus said...

Mostly I'm excited to be able to change roles. I heal and tank for my guild enough that respeccing is a pain.

Having to go to a trainer to respec, then to the AH to get new glyps and the bank to get my gear is time consuming, and on those days where things just aren't clicking it can take especially long.

So I'm excited for that. Plus "LFG tank" and "LFG healer" will both be fair game.

LSNDuck said...

I am in a similar situation myself. I have always been a healer (and wouldn't have it any other way), but was quite excited by the prospect of dual spec. At the time of the initial announcement, my Guild was short on tanks so I was planning to learn the trade. It is the one role I have never really performed and I would like to try.

As it turns out, with 3.1 approaching, we now have a glut of tanks but are a little lacking in ranged DPS. So I am actually going to go with Chicken of Doom for my second spec.

Of course what is also great fun is tree-tanking, although I wouldn't fancy it with Patchwerk.

Ho Ho said...

I've been shadow since I joined the game a bit more than two years ago. About a month ago wanted to try out healing for the first time ever in this game and specced to disc. Now I spec into it whenever I'm not in guild runs. It would be quite nice to be able to save at minimum ~150-200g per week from respeccing/glyphing :)

Veronica said...

I'm very excited about dual spec. I am currently feral so I'll stick to that because I loveeee it (although I use kitty form mainly). When I first started my nelf druid I was balance but at around 40 or so my friends paid for new gear and new speccing so I could be feral, and oh how I miss balance sometimes! I'll def. use balance for heroics and do feral for pvp :)

It's a shame people would not give you a chance. You could have probably been a kick ass tank :P Our main tank in the guild I am in is a bear, and he rocks at it. Holds aggro nicely and takes it back if needed, although he hardly ever looses it.

Kayeri said...

I am looking forward to it, as well. I've always been the healer as well and I love being the healer, dont get me wrong...

But yeah, sometimes you want to eat or fry some face! I have a partial feral set I've been putting together out of Naxx drops that would be sharded otherwise, but I think I will try Boomkin first since I am simply more caster-oriented as a druid. I do hope I get a chance to try my hand at dps sometime just to see how I do. :)

Felkan said...

I'm currently Feral (primarily a tank).

I'm sort of afraid to heal, so I think I'll give moonkin a try. Kitty DPS is a royal PITA and for most encounters ranged DPS has it easier than melee. I've been collecting a solid moonkin suit, but I do have a closet healer set as well (it is nearly naxx ready from what I can tell).

I really think healing has to be the toughest, most challenging PvE role in the game (raid tanking is nearly a snooze fest, but 5-man tanking is a blast), but I've been a bit scared to make the jump to healer. Besides we have way too many raid healers in my guild now. And not enough DPS'rs.

Vargarth said...

I'm also going to offspec feral come 3.1.

However, my main motivation behind it is to solo old content, such as Anzu in Sethekk Halls, as well as having a spec that will allow me to quest and such while actually being able to do some decent damage.

You wake it, you tank it. said...

You're aware that making your friends "promise to not go overboard" just ensures that they will do horrible horrible things, right?

Josh said...

I'm going to save myself tons of money in respec/glyph costs between ret PvE and prot PvE. Woooohooo!

Icedragon said...

Ironically enough, I was encouraged to switch from Moonkin to resto by some feathery friends for a HoL group. I'd always wanted to try healing and they were short on heals, so I was coaxed into respeccing.

And I LOVE it. My dual specs will probably be PvE Resto for raids and Moonkin for soloing (I miss being able to kill things!).

Grab some gear and hit the trainer if you want to try something new. My group was made of friends that knew I wasn't a regular healer so deaths were understood and there wasn't any stress. A few weeks later and I'm in Naxx up to Kel :D

Keredria said...

While most guildies will probably expect me to pick up boomkin as a second spec... I've also been toying with the possibility of trying feral as well.

It may have something to do with the notion that girls don't tank as much and we don't have any tanks in our guild who are female. Thus, it makes me want to try it. :)

Dorgol said...

I've decided that my Paladin will finally raid tank. I've healed a TON of stuff. I've tank 5-mans with a little off-tanking in Karazhan.

But I've never main tanked a raid.

With dual specs allowing me to tank heroics and not have to pay to heal raids, I'll have more time to build up a tanking set. And then it's game time.

Oh, and my Druid now has a reason to level as Feral instead of Resto / Balance. I have a Warlock and Mage in Northrend... I don't need another caster doing that content... besides, I like being the stealthed ganker instead of the not-stealhed gankee.

Toque said...

oh tanking is fun for a change. you'll like it. It takes a while to get the hang of though, so don't be discouraged if you're not an awesome tank the first try

Button said...

I <3 you and I have an immense amount of respect for you as a gamer and a friend.....with that out of the way, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with you tanking (for a little while), and it's not because I don't have faith in you.

It's because I'm a gods-be-damned aggro maaaaaagnet. If not for threat I'd break 3.5k DPS in heroics (you've seen me come close before 3 or 4 mobs go "hey look at that chewy paladin..."). If you aren't comfortable playing as a tank yet, I don't want to ruin it for you from the frustration of trying to keep things off me when my first attack can crit in upwards of 8-9k.

But you have my support, as always, and when my hunter gets up there (soon hopefully), I'd love to run some stuff with you on him.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the idea in the beginning, of dual specs, but now I'm pretty meh on the idea - for me personally, anyway. I would use it for a discipline spec, but the only thing that turns me off about it is that I would have to gather another gear set and frankly, I am lazy.

Anonymous said...

I've been an offtank in my raid since the middle of BC. I love being a prot warrior (especially since WotLK!) but I'm starting to build a DPS set with an eye toward an arms raid support off-spec for those nights maybe they don't need me to tank. We've got a big glut of good DK tanks now, so if I get a deeps spec, I can go to heroics with them and let them work on their tanking skills.

Dan said...

I put together a tank set at the end of BC. My first run was actually Zul Aman. In all honesty some raid tanking is easier than 5 mans particularly if you have a nice big target to just sit and whack at.
When LK hit the guild MT was out of the game for a month due to school, so I got to level to 80 as feral. Learning to tank takes time. It's really good if you can get some patient people to help you get a feel for it. A healer that is comfortable working with you helps a lot as well. I would avoid starting out with pugs if you can help it.
I think going from heals to tanking is in a way easier than dps to tanking if just because both roles require awareness of the whole group.