Friday, January 23, 2009

Bag Tag

Macbook recently "tagged" me, asking me to show my bags and UI. Frankly, they're both a little embarrassing, but I'll show it anyway so you guys can have a good laugh. Ready?

Oh, the horror!

If you can't see well enough, you can click to enlarge it.

See the lack of keybinds, of addons, of bagspace? It's a real mess, aye. Since the move to a new computer, I've had no real reason to download a lot of addons. I'm only questing or doing five-mans; Decursive gets me through there well enough. I've downloaded Healbot but never opened it. As I've never had a computer that could handle running it, I'm dreading the initial setup period and learning to use it. My former UI bars, agUF, stopped cutting it for me before the move, and I've done no research since then.

But, enough about the addons. Onto bags!

First bag: Well, useless items of nostalgia aside, the first bag is for PvP gear. Going to the bank before going into PvP is a hassle. And, well, I can't choose when someone's going to show up to gank me, and I need to rez with a little more bite to my bark (hee hee). Okay, bad pun, no need to glare.

Second bag! PvP gear that wouldn't fit into first bag, and "fun toys." Racers, a trinket that makes me turn into an Arrakoa, picnic basket, fighting robot, letter from Sharlet I carry everywhere, seed-food for emergency rations, fishing pole, ZG lure, and ZG herb harvester. Also, my stopwatch for WSG. If it wasn't in my bags, I would never remember it.

Third bag: Moonkin gear. I did the same thing I always did and that was "forget to upgrade it until the very end" so it's still got a bunch of BC-baddies in there. I just snagged a new robe for it, which is nice, but I'm well-aware I should have been paying more attention to my quest drops instead of just grabbing and vendoring the plate items!

Fourth bag: Junk box. Random trinkets, quest items, consumables, reagents, holy water I've never dumped...just, stuff I pick up.

Fifth bag: General emptiness soon filled by mob drops and overflow from the junk box.

And there you have it. I'm a packrat with no bag space and a UI in need of some love. Don't ask to see my bank; it's worse.

And now, to tag others! Since I think Macbook wishes for just druid bags and UIs, I will tag:

Bear from BigBearButt
Leafy from Leafshine
Delos from Laser Chicken

Don't forget, even if you're not a blogger, Macbook would like to see your bags and UI, so send him some!


Keeva said...

I use ArkInventory and it's great. I think Baggins and Bagnon are similiar.

I'll never go back to default bags - I'm way too picky about what goes where.

Averna said...

I love seeing other people's UIs... I, too, use mostly the blizzard default. It's just neat to look and think "THAT'S where he puts his fishing pole? And why are MotW and Thorns THERE? ooh, nice place for Innervate... and his swiftmend is set to 4 - mine's set to 5, same difference..." Hehe. Overall though, your set up is really similar to mine =)


Macbook said...

Thanks for putting this up!

I should have explained how I use my bags too, I have a nice little special row on my last bag for all my mage food, a HS spot, etc.

I'm so OCD with my bags, and so messy IRL.



Anonymous said...

Healbot is nice and easy to use.
All you have to do is install it.
Then turn off or delete titan healbot (unless you have titan)

Then open up the healbot options.
Got to spells and assign you spells.
Make sure you keep the target option thats already there.

If you like turn on the decursive options or the buff options. I like that you can set it to show the class on the bars.

Also you can resize it to what you like.