Thursday, January 1, 2009

AFK, Posting: Happy New Year!

It's a new year, and I hope everyone is having a great start so far.

I'd like to think of the new year as a time for new beginnings, or simply just better continuations. Always improving! It's important.

My blog is pretty important to me. I track what searches people use to find me, how high I appear on google lists, what people comment about most, what helps people and what they just enjoy reading. Unfortunately, not everyone who reads comments, and I can't always tell if what I'm saying is funny, helpful or a waste of type.

I get about 200 unique visits a day, give or take, and sometimes 400-500 page views on any day. What I would like to know is what people find helpful, what they find entertaining, what they'd like to see more of.

I can't do everything. I'm hopeless with math; that's where Phaelia comes in. I'm not up to date with feral workings; Currant, Bear or Karthis would be more helpful there. I don't have the time or equipment to do podcasts like Twisted Nether or BRK (though being guests on them is fun, even if I do sound like a twelve year old). So, asking me for anything of that sort won't help.

I won't ask you what you like via polls; I find they give very little useful information. I would rather you simply leave a comment on what you've enjoyed over the years, whether it was the silly songs, the posts of general WoW conduct, boss guides, Bellbell's adventures, or, of course, my Resto-centric posts. Is there anything you never want to see me write about again, or that I could have covered better? Also write that down!

I appreciate your help, as, though I write this blog for myself, I also write it for my readers and to fulfill my desire to help people, even if it's just with a laugh or bit of advice.

Best wishes for the New Year!


Udder Madness said...

Hi Bell.
Here's my two cents, for what it's worth.
I'm pretty sure yours was the first WoW blog I started reading, which admittedly wasn't very long ago (August last year) and from 4 Haelz I found additional favourites which I've been following ever since.
I started reading 4 Haelz after receiving a friendly, helpful and encouraging email reply from you regarding a query on Dreamstate. I liked the mind that wrote that email, looked at the blog and enjoyed it muchly.
Personally, and sometimes I feel a bit out-of-place with this attitude (especially when reading WoWInsider comments) I read content on an as-is basis. If there's a major mistake or something I'll quietly point it out and if I want to know more I'll say as much, but overall the blog is the product of the author and that's why I read it: because I like what the author writes. The points that I'm clumsily trying to make is that I like your stuff, keep it up, write what you want it's YOUR blog ;).
That being said since you may want some form of more productive feedback, here's my personal view of your blog: I read 4 Haelz for fun. You're perfectly right, for the resto number crunch Phaelia does a ridiculously good job, while I tend to expect from Resto4Life is analysis of druid changes, analysis of rotations etc..., what I look forward to from Bellwether is something that's fun(ny), casual, possibly unexpected or different. Which is pretty much a carte blanche ;).
Anyway, that was more like 5c, but feel free to keep the change and all the best for 2009.

Khol Drake said...

I like when you post. It's your blog, post what you want. The unique voice you bring to what you write is why I keep reading.

Phillip said...

Yeah, I'd say it's your personality that shines through the blog and what brings people back. That isn't really content-helpful, I know.

Kayeri said...

You were the first Resto druid blog I found, using the link from Siana's blog. I'm on Doomhammer and know her from there. At the time, I'd just hit 70 and knew I wasnt being a GOOD druid healer and was desperate for info on improving...

You were a lifesaver on that, your own perspectives on healing and the links to other restos. YOU started the ball rolling on turning me into the competent healer druid I am now.

and Bell, you are FUN to read! That helps enormously. When I read my first Bellbell post, I was re-reading it and giggling for days! Your guests are also both informative and fun!

When I read the post of your difficulties, I was SO unhappy, I certainly dont want to lose you! I get up in the morning, check e-mail, do my blog checks, and then check the news... I'd miss you if you were gone. I do hope all that has improved for you!

So I'd say keep on doing what you've been doing all along. :) I know I enjoy it, and I'm grateful for the effort you put into this blog.

Thank you!

(btw, I DID figure out the differences in my DK and my BE pally, thank goodness, I hate duplicating characters)

Myze said...

Yeah. Be yourself. Don't pander to what others have to say. Especially me, and especially now.

Anonymous said...

Part of the enjoyment in coming here is that I'm not sure exactly what you're going to post about. Your writing voice is very good, so basically anything.
To be more helpful, write about what you're passionate about at the moment, as you seem to. Your interest in the subject, makes it interesting to us.

Ratshag said...

I's just here fer the milk and cookies.