Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey everyone! I'm back! I know, boo-hoo, the guest posts were much awesomer. And now you're stuck with boring old Bell.


Okay, so I'm a little hyper. I got a new computer! And we all thought it would never happen. It is a gorgeous little Asus computer that runs like a dream. No lag in Dalaran! I love it, I do.

But, due to the circumstances under which I purchased this laptop (my old one refused to turn on at all), I don't have access to anything but my school work, which I had saved on a flash drive. So it's a slow process of making new screenshots and recovering old pictures and the like.

I have shiny new programs like GIMP (thanks to One Among Many). And with a little help from Phaelia, you all have a pretty new banner to look at! Soon I'm going to go back through my blogroll and fix it up nice, and make some little tweaks here and there. Expect a new pic on the side sometime whenever I can get Sann alone to take a screenshot!

Thanks for all the comments while I was away!


Anglachel said...

hehe, i've always loved the image of the tree on the pot... makes me laugh every time i see it...

about your old computer, you should be able to remove the old drive and buy an enclosure or adapter to turn it into an extrenal USB HDD... assuming it wasn't what died in the first place.

Ratshag said...

Yay new computer!

Matticus said...

Excellent! Moar drood healing has returned!

Scarele said...

I agree with Anglachel. I had a previous computer die on me and I was able to actually buy a raid driver to convert IDE to SATA and got my stuff off of it.

But we can tell you what to do to possibly save the information if you tell us what happened.

Kayeri said...

Welcome back, Bell, we've missed you!
::happydance:: and grats on the new machine!

I'll leave that technical stuff to those who know what they are talking about and just be happy you are back. :)

Khol Drake said...

Welcome back, Miss Bell! Gratz on the new rig!!

Anonymous said...

Bell, the guest posts were great, but we're happy to have you back!

Love the new banner and you did it in GIMP so it's extra-cool now! Free awesome programs for the win!

Looking forward to some more drood-goodness 'n stuff.


Jive said...

Welcome back!

Annanana said...


I love you so much, Dani, because I lol'd. <3