Sunday, December 28, 2008

AFK, Posting: Bellbell Hates Death Knights

Death Knights.

I hate them.


Okay, ‘Wether says that’s not enough. I have to explain why. As if them being emo whiny babies who made bad decisions and now mope and gripe and weep about them isn’t reason enough! Yes, yes, Arthas made you some ultimate fighting machine and you did terrible, horrible things. Like killing people.

You know what you’re doing in Outlands and Northrend now? Killing people. They may look a little funny, they may make funny noises, and they may not be “human,” but you’re still killing people. People who raise young and have families and protect their own, who believe what they're doing is right, that they're on the right side.

Oh, it’s for a different reason now, huh? To save others, or the environment, or for some money or boots. Not because Arthas made you into what you are.

Wrong! You’re doing it with what Arthas gave you. And you’re going to grow past Outlands and go into Northrend. There you’re going to kill more people. And some you’ll even torture. You’re going to get to Arthas the same way you served him.

Kill, maim, rip, slash, tear, destroy, disease, degenerate, freeze, skewer.

And you’re sitting there, all hypocritical, bemoaning what you did while someone was in your head while you do the same now that he’s gone. You don’t think that makes you a hypocrite? You don’t think the Lich King would use that to break you and your suicidal resolve?

I’ve met only a few Death Knights I can stand. They make no apologies for what they are. They doesn’t mourn their lost innocence. Your innocence is lost as soon as you spill blood intentionally. There’s no pure killing, not even for the Light.

This is why I’m different from the other draenei Paladins. This is why they despise me; because I realize there’s no way to be truly Holy when you’ve killed people for something. And this is why I hate you Death Knights. You think you’ve lost something to Arthas he never took from you, but that you gave him. You gave him permission to make you a monster and now you’re all torn up about it? You didn’t realize it was stupid. Now admit it was stupid, idiotic and treasonous to your own feelings, and move on.

Own up to your mistakes, recognize what you are, and understand what you’re doing, or everyone who sees your hypocrisy will continue to hate you.

And Arthas will break you.


Daniel said...

Just because you didn't swing a hammer doesn't mean you are innocent. Healing someone who is doing the dirty work doesn't make you any less guilty than those who have no qualms over the paths they chose.

A Death Knight didn't asked to be brought back to serve the Lich King. They wouldn't have preferred to be left to rot. And you chastise them for taking the impure tools given to them be Arthas against him?

(Good post by the way)

Kayeri said...

I love BellBell and this is one of the many reasons why. And Dan... if Arthas would have asked, she would have said YES, whatever you want, My Prince!

Well, that was then, this is now. My DK was a young woman of Lordaeron who fancied her Prince, probably like lots of girls in Lordaeron. She was young and stupid, she knows it, she lives with it. She likes to think she is less stupid now than she was then. She followed her Prince blindly and ...

You know... this is beginning to sound like my BE pally, too...

I gotta go think about this...

Khol Drake said...

I'd ask Bellbell to have my babies, but I like having my wedding tackle where it belongs and not ripped out through my nose. That said, I adore Bellbell.

lxsli said...

(Norh'thezad, scrying on Bellbell)
Oh yes. Such anger and hatred. With a little seasoning of envy. This one's coming along nicely, already lost the core of her faith. Paladins make such enthusiastic converts.

Shale! Here! Let us set up a little betrayal by these friends of hers.


Daniel makes very good points.
No haelz 4 Bellbell from Elly until you allow for forgiveness and redemption.

Bell said...

Bellbell's quite a character, no?

As an aside, she's a retribution paladin, not a healer. She slices face.

And she's not against all Death Knights, she's just found very few who aren't hypocrites in her eyes. She doesn't really like many of the paladins, either, simply because they're so high-and-mighty but do many horrible things.

Basically, she's telling them that unless they recognize they're about to do the same things that they did for Arthas while they're in Northrend (with eerily similar torture quests), they'll never beat their former master.

Unless they stop moping about the past and hating themselves for it and simply move on, recognizing it as a mistake and clearly identifying their choices, as well as understanding why they're doing what they're doing now instead of just doing it because they think it's right, they are hypocrites, they are no better than they once were, and Arthas will destroy them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't choose to be this way. I was dead, cut down on the field of battle by cruel Scourge monsters. I was drifting toward the warmth of the Light, when cold, merciless claws dragged me back, forced me to return to my lifeless corpse and bound me to the will of the Lich King.

He forced me to carve a bloody trail through the flesh of his enemies, and then, finally when I was of no more use he betrayed and discarded me.

Through his betrayal I have a will of my own again, and with the tools he gave me, I will carve that same trail through whoever gets in my way right to his doorstep where I will have my vengeance.

Only then, when the Lich King has fallen will I turn to seek forgiveness. Only then.

--Knight of the Ebon Blade

Brandon Tilley said...

I really liked this post--very thought provoking in the RP sense! Celidur had something to say on the matter as well at

Thank you for this great post!

Button said...

I kill only the unworthy, the impure, the cowardly, the weak, the traitorous, the bloodthirsty, the arrogant, the deserving.

Unfortunately that doesn't leave many of you standing. Horde or "Alliance", it's all the same to me.

Point not your fingers at the recently returned, for you are no better than they in the eyes of my sword.

Brian said...

I wasn't away this was a roleplaying blog.