Thursday, September 11, 2008

WotLK or Bust...?

At this point in time, I’m with “bust.” I feel a little on the minority side, with all the beta hype and the cheering, speculation, whining and caterwauling. Recently I typed about some things I didn’t like, but I was having a bad day and it was horribly done. Now, every time I look at beta information or hear about new talents, I’m not excited or outraged. It doesn’t even seem like the same game anymore, to be honest.

So much is changing. I understand that BC changed a lot from vanilla-WoW, but WotLK is remodeling the entire game. Removing down-ranking, switching over to spell-power, raid-wide buffs, odd categories and non-stacking, potion sickness…it’s almost as if they’re trying to make an entirely new game from the same cloth. Classes that gained usefulness and notoriety for special features are losing their uniqueness to other classes and losing their importance through randomized nerfs and buffs that change from week to week.

I understand the impermanence of the beta, but there are certain things Blizz has said they’re definitely going to change, that have been around for four years and that they’ve seemingly never bothered to work with before. They’re doing a lot of fun things, like with hunter pets, but I can’t seem to look at WotLK with hope or excitement.

Perhaps some of it is the impermanence. I can’t get interested in anything that I know might be gone or changed or revamped or whatever in days or hours or minutes. Perhaps some of it is that it is possible my class (whichever class at that time I happen to be) could be much less important to the raids, and it’s a little hard to imagine that your niche is no longer your niche. Perhaps at the core of it, it’s just me lacking too much information.

In the end, I’m not sure if I’ll play Wrath. I have a copy on reserve, so I suppose we’ll see. Though, I wonder, besides myself and perhaps one or two people I’ve talked to, is anyone else kind of…ambivalent towards, or even not looking forward to Wrath?


Harl said...

we haven't seen much about WotLK outside the cinematic trailer and basic info that blizz posted back when the xpack was announced. been avoiding the beta forums for much the same reasons as you; too much churn and we don't feel like keeping up with it. having said that, we're looking forward to WotLK for the same reasons we looked forward to TBC - new lands to explore, new play styles to learn, new quests to enjoy and new loot to be had. no doubt there will be changes we aren't fond of, but we're certain there will be plenty there to like as well. so, we're optimistic.

Anonymous said...

I bet you $10,000 you continue to play. In my experience, the ppl who talk the most about about giving up WOW are the ones MOST likely to continue to play.

Boooo, I hate change too. It sucks. Things always change and thats so sucky. Why cant things just stay IDENTICAL. Is that too much to ask??? Blizzard are fools, they're always changing the game and it annoys the hell out of all of us, so we're all gonna cancel and take up physical exercise for 30 hours a week instead of wow.

Or... more plausibly.... maybe someone is just having another bad day :)

Bell said...

@anonymous - little harsh, mate. I'm not staying I'm going to quit, I'm just looking at it and going "um, eh." It just doesn't look that interesting at the moment, and it doesn't look like the game I started playing. It's almost like Blizz is trying to make a WoW knockoff in its own game! I'll most likely give it a try, if my computer can handle it, but I'm just saying I haven't jumped on the "omg lich king" bandwagon. Arthas can freeze on his throne, imo. :P

@harl - rawr. come back and play with me. ;)

MadCow said...

Yeah I'm feeling a bit ambivalent as well.
One thing that keeps me going is all the awesome new pets I'll be able to tame on my hunter (can I say "foshizzle"?).
But I've also got some arena to do on my druid, and endless bg grinds to get some gear, plus I want swift flight form. This should tide me over (meaning I don't have to think about WotLK) until LK comes out and I can decide what to do then - like you, I have a preorder for it.
Some stuff to do in the meantime.
Also my guildie is currently downloading an 821MB patch (3.0.1), so take a look at that and make up your mind.
And BBB has pointed out that you can now go have fun with people on PvP servers, which offers another dimension to new options in Wrath.

I must say though, that after initially being overly excited about Wrath I'm about 'meh' now. Too many things that are not working at all, or broken, or imbalanced, or overly nerfed. BRK can still get me excited about stuff though, foshizzle.

Yeah, sorry, not really focussed, blablabla :S. That's my general attitude now.


Awlbiste said...

/raises hand

I still keep up with the info and keep my eye on MMO Champion but eh. I won't even be able to play Wrath so maybe that's colored my thoughts.

Timbr said...

I felt the same way when the BC expansion was on the horizon. I'm not a big fan of change, either, and Outland seemed like a big scary "unknown" filled with tiny 25man raids, endless JC patterns to buy, and more grinding. But, in the end, I had a lot of fun leveling dps specced, playing with my new Resto toys, and bonding with guildies during the leveling process and the new end-game goodness.

I suggest continuing to not think about the expansion for now. Enjoy the present BC content while its still here! Don't stress out about your WoW future, I'm sure that WotLK will pull you into its icy clutches-o-fun soon enough!

Will said...

I too am a bit disillusioned by WotLK. For one main reason. I started playing about 3 months before BC. I never experienced the vanilla end game as a 60.

I learned to be a hunter the hard way, ie messing up until I learned. I learned of the WoW resources very late.

This is my first MMO ever. I have enjoyed it very much.

That said I have not seen end game BC, yet we are talking nerf this and buff that.

There are a whole lot of changes going to be introduced and for the most part I haven't bothered to put my head around it. I am not a number cruncher, but I am a researcher. That said right now is not a good time to do either.

In the end I am sure it will be fine. I will play the next Xpack. That said, my kids are getting older. My son started school this year and my daughter starts next year. I do not think I will have the time to devote to this game that I had in BC. So maybe I am finally looking at WoW as a game? I do not know the answer to that.

I think many will agree that the innundation of information causes either 1 of 2 things. 1, massive amounts of qq. 2, massive amounts of blase'.

I think I am in the same boat you are in. At this point I look at WotLK as my last Blizzard game for some time, maybe ever. Only time will tell. Besides, who knows, this may be the best Xpack ever!!!

Itsnoteasy said...

It really does feel like a different game, and that's not so bad. Because it's quite possibly a better game. I'm lucky to be in the beta and the constant changes are frankly exhausting. Every week, I have to completely re-think how I play four different classes and re-juggle their talents.

But I think it's going to be worth the noise people are making. If you only play the game to level and see places, you're going to be really happy with how much Blizz have improved quests and the environments themselves.

My main is a hunter and, you know, I miss the old Steady Shot. I liked being one of those people who could manually weave a 1.75s shot rotation and out-dps people in epics with my crummy greens and blues. Come Wrath, I get to learn to dual-box a DPS and a tank at the same time (well, dual-box on one machine with only the pet interface for controlling the tank. :P) For someone like me who enjoys the challenge, I'm looking forward to it.

I suppose my advice would be to just not worry about it. You're probably just fed up with all the honking about Wrath and trying to keep track of the changes. Wrath'll come in its own time, and then you can decide if you still want to play. I think it'll be worth the wait. :)

Sian said...

I'm not excited about talents yet - I decided that would be a waste of effort since they will change a fair bit. I'm a bit interested in inscription (since my main is currently skinner/herber), and how that might allow customisation. I'm a bit excited about new quests and levelling some more and new zones. Hunter changes look awesome too. I want to think about changing main...

It's funny - I did quit the game pre-BC, sold my account, and so on, but levelled to 70 on hubby's account (we each had toons on each account) - and then stopped playing for a year. but when he started again, I got interested, and have played up to BT level now on the toon that happened to be left after my sell off, a resto druid... Anyway, I'm not interested in Lich King specifics, but the idea is enough to keep me a bit keen.

Valyre said...

One thing you'll most likely experience is a feeling of loss. The stuff you knew and the things you concentrated on will no longer be useful. You have to "grow up" in a new place.

That's how I felt when BC came out, after playing old WoW for a year and a half. At the time, BC seemed like a stupid idea. "We're going to... space? What? You barely sold me on bugs from space, and now you do this to me? OMG my priest doesn't heal as well as the shiny new paladins... And they're prettier... /crai"

But in the end the new becomes the old and you feel comfortable again. It just takes some time.

Looking back on it, though, if they hadn't come out with an expansion, I would have quit playing out of boredom. I'm excited by the new changes. I want to try stuff out, even if it's not perfect the first time around. I'm actually happier with this one because we're going back to Azeroth. We're exploring more of that world again!

So for me, the expac is like going home, but improved. All my old buddies are there. I can has moar Naxx!

All I can say is /hug and that you should give it some time. It's also probably a good thing you're not getting emotionally invested in things that have a high chance of change.

Pike said...

Everything I wanted to say was really long so it sort of turned into a full-blown post: I guess my point is, I understand 100% where you are coming from, but... I think it will be okay.


Jordan said...

For me now, this decision depends on those of whom I know who continue to play the game, it has a slim (in the severely anorexic kind-of way) chance of being an entertaining Expansion Pack. Aside from the new PvP environments and world PvP with friends, the game is dismembered. Many people are going to re-roll their classes due to the extreme ability changes made to many of the currents avail, as such... during the first few months after the expansions release, we'll be seeing nothing but "crying" threads on the forums, and complaints about how overpowered some of the newly contributed spells are and not-so constructive "solutions" to them.

My point rounding to; World of Warcraft is molting to ashes with the release of this expansion, however with the help of some early-release good times in world PvP and five-mans, there is still that barely burning beacon of flame waiting to pyre out again.

...Diablo III is still going to tower over it.

Queklain said...

I'm the same way, but only about certain aspects of the game - or certain classes, I guess you'd say. Obviously, for my hunter (new pets!) and afflock (new dots!) I'm pretty excited. I've also got a boomkin who's partially leveled up and a lot of the changes to that tree look pretty sweet.

However, I've also got a (future) resto shaman and a (future) holy priest on deck and I'm sort of wondering - why level both? They seemed like interesting and alternate ways to heal, but Blizzard's homogenization kick may do away with that.

For every "ooh yay!" moment I experience with the xpac news, I experience just as many "meh" moments.

I still have my CE on reserve, though. :)

Trackhoof said...

Totally not looking forward to it, completely ambivalent. Quit and enjoying life after WoW.

QC, on the other hand, continues to fascinate me, I think it might be one of the best-written pieces of fiction I've read in recent years. Thanks for introducing me to it. Keep in touch.

-Brian a.k.a Track

Artorin said...

Hmm I've gone back and forth alot on this sometimes I'm excited, sometimes scared, sometimes just don't really know what to think. When they first annouced the spell power change I freaked out and got really upset over it. Now I don't know my feelings on it have changed and I think it will work out. I look at my inventory now and see a pvp resto and boomkin, Pve resto, boomkin, tanking, and feral dps sets and it would be nice to only have 2 or 3 sets for everything. Likely that won't happen but I can hope right?

I got really upset over alot of the changes to classes too things that were unique being given to others and getting generic skills.

But I'm excited now... why? Because I'm taking a break from WoW all together untill maybe a week before WotLK hits and hopefully then I'll pick it up. At that point? It will be a different game and while shaking of the rust of not playing I will be in a much better state of mind to learn new things.

I've also decided to sort of switch mains in WotLK from my druid to my hunter... this way I don't have to worry about gear changes as much and which spec I'm going to lvl as.

Anyway this is a longer comment then I anticipated but its a subject I have been thinking about alot lately so wanted to relay my thoughts.

Artorin - Durotan Resto/Balance/Feral Druid