Monday, September 29, 2008

Meet My New/Old Friends and the Only Achievement I'm Working On

There are two new additions to the blogosphere, and one old addition who has returned with a new name!

First off, we have Spam Moonfare, a brand-new druid blog. The author of this blog contacted me via e-mail about a link exchange, and I wandered over there to check out his site. He's off to a spectacular start for people who like big reads, as the vast majority of his posts are meaty. And it's not just filler; this moonkin's got stuff to say! And I'd suggest you pay attention, or you may just be Typhoon spammed to death!

Next up we have the priest blog Starshards FTW! by my friend Bellezza. That's right, I'm not the only blogging Bell anymore (and she's even on my server! The confusion!). My blogging is apparantly a sort of communicable disease, as this would make the sixth or seventh person who has decided to start a blog, is one of my friends, and said to me something along the lines of "omg I want to blog too!" after reading some of my posts. She's off to an excellent start, and I'd encourage anyone, even if you've only slightly considered rolling a priest, to check her out.

And finally, we have Alts for One, a renamed blog by my friend Harl. This guy is harcore into the levelling of toons, and I don't even remember the final count of 70's he has. The great thing is, he's pretty knowledgeable about all of them, and take the time to do his homework. Currently, he's levelling a warrior, and odds are he's going to catch up to Bellbell in a matter of weeks.

Now, what's the only achievement I'm working on actively pre-Wrath?

Pets. Pets, pets, pets. "Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart" is an achievement for owning 50 pets, and with it you get what is called a Reeking Pet Carrier. And in said smelly box is a skunk, a skunk named Stinker. And ever since I first saw the little buggers roaming around Azuremyst, I have squeed and cooed and gone "that. must. be. a. pet."

And now it is and now I will have it.

I have 42 pets so far, and I have a plan for the rest (and they'll be relatively easy to get). However, there's a Dark Whelpling up on the AH for 800g I'm tempted to get. So tempted. However, 800g is a lot for one pet, especially when the others will be cheaper and larger in quantity.

But, seriously...a Dark Whelpling!



Cynra said...

Squee, new blogs to add to my feedreader -- and one of them is priestly! Thanks for the heads up.

The whelping has always gone for a high price. Back in the day I used to farm the Swamp of Sorrows for a Tiny Emerald Whelping that I wanted to give to a close friend. I spent weeks trying to get the damned thing, snagged so many scales to make armor for the 30s Battleground brackets, and made a lot of money in a time before dailies even existed. <shudders>

Pike said...

The achievement amuses me cause I work at PetSmart. I mean, I know it's an Evil Dead reference... but still, I am amused.

Edge and Kiyo said...

My husband, Edge was also on the hunt for whelplings of all colors! He actually farmed up all four, we didn't have the gold to spend on the AH anyway. If you have a bit of free time, you might give it a shot, he was only in the Badlands for maybe a few hours, on and off. The longest grind ended up being the azure whelpling, but he has all four now and is happy as a clam. Good luck getting those last pets!
:D ~Kiyo

lxsli said...

I'm not a nomcom freak personally, but I hear 800g is actually pretty cheap.

Given a brief bout of hyperinflation is just around the corner, it could be wise to start buying nondepreciating assets!

twww said...

Like you, ever since I saw the little skunks, I have wanted one for a pet.
Must start collecting pets ASAP

Belle said...

<3! You're so close to getting the achievement, I'm jealous! Talk to you later, babe ;D