Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Failure Never Tasted So Much Like Sweet, Sweet Awesome

Let's set the scene.

Warsong Gulch. 8:30am my time, 5:30am Dark Iron server. 10v10, for most of the time.

This match lasted 58 minutes, ended 2-3 (Alliance to Horde).

Highlights included:
~Me never capping the flag, yet ganking it from the Horde base a total of six times.
~One time I grabbed the flag right as the enemy flag carrier dashed in to cap ours and made it out of the base alive.
~Second Alliance cap continuing fifteen minutes after the flag carriers had received the 100% increase in damage taken.
~For those fifteen minutes I was the sole healer on the flag carrier.
~I ended the fight with over 414k healing done.

In the end, I walked out with minimal honor, a daily incomplete, and still 29 marks away from my Ram Elekk.

But I walked away with pride in knowing I had done everything I could to win, and the only whiner who tried to convince us to give up the flag and just end the game never convinced anyone to stop playing, to stop trying. And when he left, we received a new addition who put in effort and helped us get our second cap. I also gained the respect and gratitude of the warrior flag carrier, who is on my server.

And in all honesty, though it was a hell of a turtle and lasted forever, it was fun.


Anonymous said...

And people seem to forget that the prime objective in WoW is to have fun...

Anonymous said...

That is great Bell..sorry for the "loss", but happy you had such a good time :D

Sonny said...

You are AWESOME for appreciating something so epic. All the BGs are awesome, but the brokenness of WSG lends itself to passionate players.

My old GL wouldn't go to WSG because it made him "hate PvP." I told him he never loved PvP in the first place.

MadCow said...

For some reason WSG will always be my favourite BG. I guess it has to do with the awesome adrenaline rush I got as a lowbie Hunter the first time I entered.
Glad you enjoyed it although if you entire day ends up like this (and you're trying to do the daily) it can be a touch frustrating.
I do have to say "for the horde!" :p

Pies said...

I think someone's seen the light of pee vee pee :)

Bell said...

Pike...I've always loved PvP.

Where've you been? :P

Artorin said...

<3 Epic battles even if I lose. Love those 1990 to 2000 AB and Eots fights and 45 min+ WSG.

Would I prefer to win faster? Sure but when those fights come along I won't back down.

Greg said...

"I ended the fight with over 414k healing done." Wow. I mean... wow. That's pretty awesome.

You're right, this stuff is supposed to be fun and I can't stand the crybabies who so want to lose.

I play a BE Rogue and we had a similar WSG awhile back. Ally was ahead 2-0 and we won, after an hour. As you say, it was not a lot of honor, and I'm the one that makes the other 9 look good, but it was also great fun.