Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why so Silent, Bell?

When Summer comes along, so does the sunshine and the need to do things other than WoW. When I don't have homework to procrastinate on, playing on WoW holds a bit less appeal (if you know what I mean). However, I haven't stopped playing!

My mother's house, where I spend a lot of my weekdays, has no internet at the moment. Her current provider was giving her the run-around, so she cancelled service, and is working on getting the new service worked up. So, needless to say, weekdays if I'm on the 'net, I've just gotten home to quick jump on and prepare for a raid.

Our raids haven't gone through, much, either; Many people are finishing up college or have summer vacations and the like. I'm not disheartened or discouraged, and in fact it's giving me more time to work on my surprise and save up a little money...

...which I promptly spent on gemming my Moonkin set. With the creation of a second "ZA Bear Run" group, our first foray into Zul'Aman ended with us just short of attaining a Bear Mount, but yielded a staff and pants for my Moonkin set, as well as a tanking cloak for my Bear set, a dps chest for my Cat set, and a healing neck for my haste set. I cleaned house, I tell you. But, when no one else needs it...

Don't worry, I have a few articles in the works. I need a bit of raiding to get enthusiastic about some again, but never fear.

Bell is still here!


Randarn said...

I've been off and on reading your blog probably sense you started it actually. robl! Its relieving more then anything..your humor and just genuine character. Sitting on watch atm in afghanistan, while in the navy. I hope you keep this up - its wonderful to find someone who loves healing for all the right reasons. Am, and forever will always be a healer =).

l8r Bell
Avlianna (or so im known by now)
70 Resto Druid - Akama

p.s. i wish i would have rolled your server...i would have never gone wrong =). laterz

Boudi said...

We're seriously considering starting up a "bear mount run" for ZA since we heard they're no longer going to be available. I could still use upgrades having only been there 3 times. Glad to see more of you, I was going into a bit of Bell withdrawal!