Thursday, June 5, 2008

Proud of your Misdeeds

Once upon a time, Bear wrote about a tree-thief. Or, as it were, several tree-thieves. I personally have never had a tree herbed from underneath me, but I have had them pulled from me before I could slam a Moonfire down on them. It's frustrating, yeah, but it's even worse when those trees are stolen out from under you after a rightful kill. Especially since they drop basically nothing until herbed.

Well, recently, Sunder got an application from a Restoration druid, and we took him to Mount Hyjal on trial. He did very well, despite having low mp5 and a weird spec. However, during conversation on Vent, one of our raiders called him by his original character name, and our shadow priest's immediate response was "Wait...he's that guy?"

That guy who ganks Skettis trees, yeah.

Well, after the run, the guild leader lets him know that our guild does not approve of this behavior and he will not be receiving, at this time, an invite to continue raiding with us. His friend in our guild speaks up and has this to say:

hey hey C___, i can assure you if [he] is accepted as a raider, i can assure you 100% that he will NOT be ninja'ing trees in skettis. From what hes told me the only real reason hes been doing it is because he couldnt find a good raiding guild, which is why I think if he gets a spot, hed obviously quit

T6 fights > primal lifes

Now, I am not an officer of Sunder, so I have no say in the recruitment decisions. But there are several reasons I think I wouldn't want him to come back.

First, he didn't defend himself. His friend did it for him. His friend is a great mage, nice guy, and an asset to our raid. I have no problem with him, just with the resto druid he's advocating.

Second, his reasons behind being an herb ninja. He's been doing it because he couldn't find a good raiding guild. T6 > Primal Lives. You know, we need Primal Lives for our SR gear. Will he be able to resist the temptation to ninja trees when he needs 13 of them for his gear set?

Will he ninja loot in Hyjal when group loot is rolling during trash waves? Will he push up DKP bids just so people will lose out, will he take his loot and run? It's a risk you take with anyone you invite new into the guild, but it's much higher with someone who has known ninja actions.

My third and final reason for really not recommending inviting him into the guild...

He changed his name to "Thnxforherbs."

Not kidding.

I'll let you all draw your own conclusions from there.


Anonymous said...

Yeah if it's questionable for him even coming in I'd say to not send him a guild invite. The name change also warrants not doing it.

Cynra said...

Secret survey says: No wai.

First off, I fail to see the correlation between being a malicious player by ninjaing other people's hard work and not being able to get into a raid. It just doesn't compute. And the only way that I can see it (ie, being vindictive and justifying his behavior by sticking it to others) just makes him appear to be a greater asshat.

Secondly, the name says it all. Not only did he do it, he was proud of it. If the guild doesn't want that kind of reputation -- and we all know that, warranted or not, the individual player is often representative of the guild -- then give the lad the ol' heave ho.

And as a member in the guild you have a say in recruitment. Even if you lack the clout to do anything about it, you can let your impression be known. You wear the tag and it's just as important to keep existing members happy as it is to recruit new members.

Toque said...

Lucky the friend called him by his former name :)

Avoid that guys like the plague. No time for that kind of scum.

Sharlet said...

From my current understanding, we've all decided to not allow this person into another raid for the same general reasons you've expressed, the slim tendril of tolerance we had for such behavior was cut but only a couple of months ago when not one, but two priests AND a hunter committed these selfish and dishonoring acts in a rather rapid succession. I think mutilation is a fitting consequence, or perhaps just the stolen items taken away from the mongrel(s) and given to the ones they rightfully belong to. :|

BigBearButt said...

I love that name Bell, that is truly epic.

In fact, that is Guildwatch worthy, because the amount of utter cluelessness he shows is priceless, and he just deserves his moment in the Sun.

Valyre said...

Unless you want your guild to be known as supporting ninjas, you'll want to steer clear of this guy. Community perception can be pretty important, especially when you're trying to recruit. We won't even accept anyone that's a known general chat idiot because that's not the image we want.

The name is classic, though. If his goal is to play solo for the rest of his life, I think this was a step in the right direction. lol

Anonymous said...

He paid to have his name changed? Ugh... I wouldn't give this moron any more e-fame. He must get off on it.

Andy C. said...

I agree with ya Bell, this guy is TROUBLE. Ganking trees because I can't raid is like saying, "I kick puppies because I can't get a date."

Armond said...

I sense great dumb.

All I'm saying on the subject. Sonvar, Sharlet, Valrye, Andy C., and especially Doodle all said it better than I can.

Khol Drake said...

We have instincts for a reason. Following them is a Good Idea(tm). A big ol' DENY stamp on a known ninja's app is good instincts...

Anonymous said...

I agree with all your other commenters Bell. As a recruiting officer in my guild, if I saw anything remotely like this, there would be a polite rejection in that guys in-game mail the next day.


Stupid Mage said...

If you add him to your friends list he will stay on it when he changes his name again.