Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thunderstorms are Made of Fail

A thunderstorm swept through my area last night and knocked out the power for three hours, which was just long enough to allow me to miss the invites and first hour of a raid. My guild understood; a couple other people had power outages and connection issues over it. I was at first unconcerned; I thought we were going to Hyjal. I really don't need too much out of Hyjal, as I don't have enough DKP to compete for tier, should it happen to drop.

Then I found out they were going to BT instead, and died a little inside. I need two things from BT! Shade of Akama is holding my [Kilt of Immortal Nature] hostage, while Bloodboil has the amazingly beautiful (and slightly disturbing) [Staff of Immaculate Recovery], also known as "Priest-on-a-Stick." The latter would have been the first piece of gear I would have actually been able to participate in a bidding war over; I was cursing the thunderstorm with every breath in my body.

Well, luckily for my sanity, neither dropped, though I felt bad that one of our other priests, who had graciously offered not to bid me up too much should the staff ever drop while we were togetehr, did not get his shot at the staff.

This morning, I got my fishing to 375! Score. Still no croc pet, but I can be patient. I should hope so, at least, since I was patient enough to level fishing without too much complaining!

I am also progressing slowly with a secret project. I will, unfortunately, have to wait until it's done to tell you about it, because two of my guildmembers actually read this blog, and I don't want to give the surprise away.

Which brings up the subject: Sharlet, a holy paladin in Sunder, has officially begun posting on his Paladin blog, Hammer Hurling. He is insanely knowledgeable about the Paladin class (and just about every other one), so I highly recommend checking him out.


Expopp said...

What's the name of the crocodile pet?

Bell said...

There's four: Toothy, Snarly, Muckbreath and Chuck. I want Muckbreath; our MT has Chuck and calls him "Charles." They come as a reward from the fishing daily, but only from the "Crocolisks in the City" one.

Convalescence said...

I am not insane... as least not completely.

Happy to continue keeping you updated about item drops and raid situations via text or phone again, should your power/internet get destroyed for a raid night once more. :P

Cynra said...

As someone who primarily plays the priestly class these days, the Staff of Immaculate Recovery makes me very sad. I once RPed with a druid who had that staff and my poor perky priestess was very put off by the fact that her companion seemed to have a priest skull on her staff. <whimpers>

Anonymous said...

My pains recently come from my new ISP which seems to lose connection around 12:30AM consistently. Very annoying when trying to go quickly through Kara

Naissa said...

I really hope you get the croc pet soon. I adore mine. I was lucky and got him on my first fishing daily quest ever, but I still haven't gotten the hat. :(

Jive said...

I've only seen those pants once, and it went to a resto druid who is now MIA. :(

All our priests are also very dead-set on the Priest on a Stick, so I think it's the Apostle of Argus for me!

At least nothing dropped while you weren't there to get it. Small consolation, right? :)

Nectar said...

/wave! Your best bet is the Apostle of Argus, the Priest-On-A-Stick fails in comparison to it. I went from the Magtheridon staff>timed ZA>priest on a stick. My guild does not do Hyjal anymore, and I wish we did. All it is now is "omgepixxsunwell." Apostle is the best until KJ, and it looks amazing. I'm not going to lie, I am quite disturbed having my priest class officer on a stick and he has one too. I guess I can't complain about the vates though, most people laugh at it. For Felmyst I got one from a feral and had to use my own because I had to use my mana pot CD's on Arcane Pots.

Becca said...

Oh man, there is absolutely nothing worse than a power outage when you're ready to play. u_u /hug

I'm going to have to make another effort to level my fishing, those crocs are just too cute. ^_^ I hope you get yours soon!!

Alyse said...

Because I think this will get a great laugh from everyone: