Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mother Down!

Lacking SR pants and only having 24 members in the raid, along with being under-equipped with healers (we had two holy pallies, three holy priests and me), we took on Mother Shahraz for the first time tonight, and downed her after only about an hour and a half.

*happy sigh*

EDIT: I had most healing done and least overheal on the kill of Mother Shahraz. /flex


Ratshag said...

Is big big congo rats!
Not too shabby fer a potted plant.

Anonymous said...

Gratz. Too bad none of the drops were druid oriented. That neck piece looks nice for healing but seems more suited to a Shaman/Paladin. At least one of your pallies should be better geared now.

Bell said...

@sonvar - oh, one of our pallies is most def. better geared. He got the headpiece from RoS, the neck and t6 shoulders all in one night,

Kringol said...

Nice work!
The next one, council (after the Ion Cannon 1 shot robots, lol) is really easy. If ppl can move away fast from AoEs is easy.
Take 8 healers.
I, as a resto druid find myself really useful healing the rogue, cause it gives me time to heal the raid as well, specially when the rogue is vanished and ppl with poisons needs swiftmends ^^

PS: we usually do
resto druid on rogue tank
best paladin on mage tank
paladin on Lady Malande
3 healers on Gathios (1 CoH or CH is good for meeles here)
2 healers on raid (ChainHeal or CircleOfHealing)

That strat worked for us every week for successful 1 shots :)

Good luck there!