Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Illidari Council: Notes from a First Try

To know more about the mobs and their abilities, check the guide found here.

The AoE's are ridiculously easy to avoid. I have my spell effects on medium and I play with 6 fps; the only time I died to an AoE was when another unfortunate combination occurred, such as Deadly Poison.

I would really like a mod that pings the map to let me know where someone who is affected by Deadly Poison is located.

The room is just big enough and the steps just awkward enough that LoS is deadly.

I was put on helping heal people who have the Deadly Poison debuff; I'm still debating if this is a good choice. My HoTs can't seem to stack fast enough and my other heals are too slow on the cast. I'm thinking I should request a tank assignment in lieu of raid healing.

If the WWS Report ever stops erroring, I'll be able to explore my effective healing a bit better.

I need more runs to decide if I should be out of tree form constantly or simply shift out when I need to run from an AoE. In some of the guide videos, I saw tree druids running out of the AoE without shifting forms; with the two second delay in damage taken it may be possible, if not the safest.

Tonight it is back to Black Temple to clear it all over again! Hopefully we'll just steamroll right on through so our next raid night will have more than an hour and a half for Council trash and attempts.

In other news, Part One of the Pre-Kara Resto Druid Guide is up! Thanks, Bear!


Runycat said...

You know, back when we were doing Council, I was actually playing as a resto druid. I, too, was tasked with healing general raid damage (specifically, the poison spike damage). Now, while I realize this was before the Regrowth changes, etc. I just used to watch DBM (now it's Big Wigs, but whatever), toss a Rejuv on whoever got the poison, and then Swiftmend it as soon as the poison ticked for the last time. Instant spike mitigation. This is obviously easier with the two-piece T6 Resto bonus, and even then, you'll still miss one person that way, but it worked pretty well.

Rejuv isn't quite as cost efficient anymore, so you could probably get a better bang for your buck using a Regrowth in that situation. Obviously if people are standing in AOE, they're going to be boned regardless. You'll reach a point where that sort of damage can be healed through, but it's best just to train people not to be retarded.

Good luck!

Bell said...

@runycat - I tried a bunch of different approaches with the Deadly Poisons on each of the tries. Regrowth did seem to work best, but even then it was almost too slow. I tend to watch my chat log for the announces instead of the middle of my screen for raid warnings; a few times the Deadly Poison announce was pushed off too rapidly for me to catch. As I only have one piece of T6 at the moment (and my DKP has shrunk due to spending over half on that piece) I'm a little SOL on the bonus. Another problem was that Deadly Poison sometimes affected three people, and they would be all over the map (up stairs, down stairs, over on the other side of the room). Though I basically did this attempt without tree form ever, it was still difficult to run and catch up.

I appreciate the tips; since Sunder got down 6/9 bosses in one night last night, we should have plenty of time on Illidari Council on Monday. Perhaps by that time I'll have T6 Helm or Shoulders, and I'll be able to keep trying on what works and what doesn't. :)

Thank you!

Bell said...

Ah, also, I assume a haste set would be beneficial, but I unfortunately don't have many pieces for one. Sadface.

Valyre said...

Druids and priests don't have much haste gear available in-game, so I wouldn't concentrate too much on trying to put a set together. In the end you'll just hurt your other stats.

We use a resto druid and paladin on the paladin tank, leaving the poisons to paladins and shamans to heal through. This works out well since the druid can provide much needed on-the-move healing on the tank, while the pally/shaman have quick heals to handle the poison.

If we have a second resto druid, we'll put them on poison duty, with two shamans helping out on raid heals.

tilt said...

I've been on poison duty, too. My general strategy is to be hypervigilant for XPerl to show me the poison debuff icon, and immediately toss off a regrowth on the person. If I'm fast enough -- they live. If I'm just a little slow and they're squishy -- not so good :(.

I suspect a priest would probably be more effective since they could apply shields, but when I'm in the zone on it, it's some of the most fun I have healing in Black Temple :).

Armond said...

Maaaaan I wanna do BT. >.>

*works on leveling warrior + druid + mage + paladin*