Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time For Change

So our guild's been going through upheaval and change and twists and turns. And it's been decided. It's time for change! We got a new website which we're working on vamping up, and we want to start making a guild charter and an official application process.

So I'm asking you. What do you think makes a successful guild? What rules does your guild have in place that you believe make it a successful guild? What standards of behavior have been set?

Please keep in mind, we are a casual guild who is currently raiding only Karazhan but would like to move on. We don't want to force people into raiding, but we do need more structure and perhaps a bit more discipline.

So, what makes a successful casual guild?

And past that, what are the best application questions you have come across?


HolyWarrior said...

One thing I would suggest is a raider rank even with a casual guild.

Say just raid 3 times a week. 2 during week and 1 a weekend, or vice versa, but to be raider you have to get 2/3 raid in to retain raider rank.

Have a DKP system and raiders who consistently don't make 2/3, or are always late or don't turn up get DKP penalties.

Again I stress, this can work in a casual raiding guild. I've been there done that. currently am.

Even a casual guild needs some direction.

There may be many people who don't want to live with those rules. It doesn't matter, they don't want to raid much obviously. They can have a guild rank of members or non-raiders and if there are spots available they can go if they want, but not at the expense of raiders.

Again, I've got to stress this can still be casual, you just need a few rules to help you achieve what you want.

If anyone suggest this is getting hardcore raiding, tell them that hardcore raiding involves 6 hours/day 7days/week etc.
Casual=fun and with a couple of sensible rules you will get into 25mans and they are even more fun than Kara!! Check out BRK's or BBBB's (can't remember which) post on their first run into SSC and their mob slaughtering, that's fun :)

God dam, what a rant, sorry :)

Bell said...

@holywarrior - not a rant at all, and no need to be sorry! I'm looking for all advice, and I'll take whatever I can get :)

Matticus said...

Thanks Bell. You gave me a great example and a great launching point for my first video post.

Bell said...

@matticus - huh? I did? Where?!

Yashima said...

Yesterday I started writing a longish comment on your post. Today I wrote an article on my own blog. The article is only about our raiding though. You may find it interesting: http://yashima-plays.blogspot.com/2008/02/casual-guilds-raid-events.html

I think having a well-thought out application process is one of the most important things for any kind of guild. Too bad we are a German-speaking guild otherwise I'd just post our website here.

Our application process basically goes like this.
1. Player writes application in forum (we have questions)
2. We say hello and start internal discussion. Since this week there is a poll that runs a week along with the discussion.
3. If we want the applicant somebody has to volunteer to be his Mentor for the trial time of 4 weeks.
4. Any veteran member can invite the applicant after that.
5. He has 4 weeks trial. At 2 weeks the Mentor should get some feedback from him and the guild.
6. At the end of trial there is another poll about promotion to full membership.
7. With full membership some additional rights are granted ...

For the written application we want to know about the character(s), the player himself, the guild's he was in before ours, why he wants to join us specifically, where he heard about us, what is goals in-game are and what is playing style is. I know this could use some improvement.

Other organizational things in the guild ... we do not have officers. We have a guildleader and a co-guildleader (me). Our veteran members - at least one year membership and promotion is not automatic, must be voted on by all veterans - kind of have the same technical rights as officers in other guilds. (We used to have officeres for over two years, they all suffered from leadership burnout eventually)

We expect usage of the guild website.

For the rest: we exist since 2.5 years. So it seems to work.

Just some quick notes of my head. Have to get back to work.