Monday, February 11, 2008

Posts of the Week (Or Two)

I missed this last week, but in all fairness, this is a harder post to write than it looks. Also, it seems it's "cheating," as my Hunter CO calls it, to write a post just of links. Though he also said in the same time frame that it was incredibly helpful to him, so I'm just going to say "Up yours" and leave it at that. This has some older posts in it too, but they're still great!

Levelling a Paladin: Introduction - Banana Shoulders
This is a long, well-thought out post with a lot of information to help baby pallies or those of us who are simply clueless about the class figure out the basics. It's well-worth the time to read. She's also got a great guide to Tanking as a Holy Paladin. Really, just read the whole blog.

Critical Mass for Raiding Guilds - Moar HP than Jesus
This is a nice, succinct article that shares some thoughts on what is needed to raid, strictly numbers-wise. Some definite food for thought.

Patch 2.4 Official Class Changes - Resto4Life
After scaring us with fake patch notes, Phaelia comes through (for druids at least) with the real deal.

Galertruby on "Why I Like Being a Priest" - Need More Rage
The profound Galertruby explains the best things about being a priest. The illustrious Ratshag also sheds some light on why it's great to be a member of the warrior class. Mmm, scars are sexy.

Gnaked Gnome Race - BigRedKitty
It was awesome. I was there. I didn't take pictures. I'm kicking myself.

PvPing as a Tank - Critical QQ
A great concept for an article, this will help anyone who wants to tank for PvE but hasn't the resources to be constantly speccing in and out for battlegrounds.

Ego MailDump: Flash Heal - Egotistical Priest
An in-depth look on using Flash Heal vs. a downranked Greater Heal. Very nice, very well-written and clear on why exactly one way works better than the other. I'm not telling you which one. Go read it.

How Fast Can You Kill Curator? - World of Matticus
Matticus has a challenge for you. Get to it! And while you're at it, read the excellent interview of Big Bear Butt on his site as well.

Stealth Topic... shh! Don't tell anyone! - Big Bear Butt
Well, um...I totally didn't tell you this, but BBB has a blog post about finding motes and getting the most bang for your buck. Or motes for your time. But seriously, I didn't tell you. This isn't even here.

Arrowed! - Aspect of the Hare
Guide to all ranged ammunition! It's list-tastic with nice commentary. Everything a hunter needs to know about arrows and slugs and shells.

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