Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Life in Pictures

I always go through my screenshots and see ones that I love but never really find an occasion to share. Well, since I seem to have this blog thing that some people glance at, and everyone liked the picture tiles before, I'm going to assault your senses again. This time, with pure unadulterated randomness.

Make sure you read the alt-text. If you're using Failfox (excuse me, "Firefox") you apparantly may not be able to see it. But if you go into the image's properties you can find it there.


Love is in the air. Happy Valentine's Day again, Twal!Just no stoppin' the tree mafia.This one may require some explanation. Luckily, I like to explain! You see...I have this penchant for 'collecting,' and in this case, I collect shark kills. This one was I believe the Mammoth Shark, but I'm not entirely sure...This, to me, is just a very pretty shot. I took it after I jumped off Teldrassil (yes, again) and it started raining in the ocean.
My first glimpse of Onyxia. Glee! She was a fun fight.One of these things is not like the other...What do you get when you combine a recently kissed Mojo pet and a Darkmoon Faire cannon? This weird shot. Also, screenshot-lag-induced death.And I shall call me.
One of the most awesome sights in the world: your guild leader's alt just needs 24 more rep with the Keepers of Time, so four of you grab beacons and pop them all on the first Rift Keeper.I want you to want me...I need you to need me...I love you to love me...The best thing about PvP servers: unexpected cooperation for silly and impossible goals.Discovery! Discovery!!! OMG AND THIS ONE IS FOR ME!!!
No one knows how OP I can be...Did you hear? Twalvanis got his flight form. That's me next to him. You know, the bird who fell out of the nest one too many times and thus is gimpy and slow.The best shots are brought from wipes. When I was called in to heal for Anzu, I found him already out and waiting for me. One little steam tonk run later, and I was sitting pretty with the best desktop background ever.To finish it all off, here's my first down of Anzu, and also the one where Twal got his epic flight form. Woo woo! 2.8k more for me to go...

EDIT: Siha over at Banana Shoulders talked to me about how to add titles to this so Failfox isn't quite so fail anymore. In exchange I taught her about steam tonks!


SaladFork said...

As per W3C standards, the "alt" attribute for images dictates that the value of it (the text you put in) should be used in case the image can't be displayed. It's short for "alternate." It's the "title" attribute you're looking for. Don't blame Firefox just because it adheres to standards, ;)

Enough with that though, nice screenshots, a few got a chuckle out of me, =P

Phil said...
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Button said...

Haha it's been awhile since I read through your've got quite the readership now, impressive.

I sang all the songs you posted, haha. Maybe I'll record one and give it to you :D.

Also, tricked you, I'm not asleep and you are. Wtfpwned.