Friday, February 29, 2008

Rep Grinds is Da Poop!

By all means, please scroll down to the previous post and continue the lovely debate on the Lifebloom nerf. But, now, for something completely different:

The Ratshag Rep Grind. Haven't heard of it? Well, we all know we want rep with that bugger, and who wouldn't? He details the rep grind over at that blog of his, and I decided, since I was suddenly holding a rare moment of disposable time...

To create the items mentioned.

Don't judge me!

So, let's begin! What is needed for Neutral (necessary for Alliance only /cry) is this:

Next, we move to Friendly status requirements:

At Honored, you need:

When you get to Honored, you can buy:

Revered requires:

Exalted is the hardest yet, as it always is:

But! You get:

And perhaps best of all, the illustrious Ratshag to tank your instances. /swoon

The items, when you visit them on WoWitemcreator all have "Ratshag" as the author. This is due to some mix up on my part about one of the fill-in slots. I thought it was for tags, and just decided to be consistent. Sorry Rats, didn't mean to steal your name! They're all searchable under the tags "ratshag rep grind," including a few of my screw-ups.

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Ratshag said...

Heh. Is pretty nifty, what you done did. :)